A suggestion for Taobao’s owner how to get Baidu to find you

A suggestion for Taobao’s owner how to get Baidu to find you

Taobao for their own interests, at the expense of the interests of users to consolidate their own.

Baidu search to your shop, make your shop is where the credit problem? Is it Alipay problem? If you are using Alipay to do transaction security, Taobao also worry about what the credit problem? Again and said, do not Alipay payment guarantee, a problem, you can also Taobao cleared, no relationship with me.

so for the current, Taobao shielding Baidu spiders, making your sales by the loss of the same time, you can jointly sue Taobao.

again, Ma Feng, big tree, we say he is different, how do we do?

has the economic foundation, to apply for a domain name it, pointing to Taobao station, do the introduction, so that Baidu included your

want to reduce the cost, to Baidu space, bianews blog, ChinaByte Sina forum. Blog, blog, Sohu, blog, blog 163 for a Taobao blog, web site devoted to 892 www.892.cc included in your shop, so the search may also included, why should the portal on the back, Baidu put in front of it, because in comparison, the priority of the reptile climb (this view is not necessarily accurate, but in the website, you can apply for the Taobao blog propaganda)

in these blogs, there is a link to your Taobao store, so that Baidu included, Google included or not, you can quickly find you.

Taobao wanted to block, stop? Don’t think Taobao owners live? Obviously not, Taobao what tactics? Light out, everyone look at.

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