Lending Club raised the issue price the highest fund raising 808 million

Lending Club raised the issue price the highest fund raising 808 million

[Abstract]Lending Club will be listed on the New York stock exchange this week, Google is one of its investors.



technology – the world’s largest P2P net loan platform Lending Club will be listed in the week, due to institutional investors active in the company on Monday will be the issue price range from the previous 10-12 $12 $-14, according to the number of issued 57 million 700 thousand shares, the maximum amount of financing correspondingly by the previous 635 million dollars to 808 million dollars.

Lending Club program on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) listing, stock trading code LC. It will become the largest U.S. capital market this week, the largest body of IPO (IPO).

2007, P2P network lending platform Lending Club for helping lenders and borrowers to bypass the big banks, directly through the Internet lending to fame. Lending Club existing investors including Google, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & venture capital institutions; Byers, T. Rowe Price fund and asset management giant BlackRock (BlackRock). Since its inception, the company has contributed more than $6 billion in loans.

Lending Club business model is the use of advanced computer algorithms, borrowers and lenders will be a reasonable match. For customers with relatively good credit, such as the FICO score of around 660, it can borrow up to $35 thousand, while the average interest rate of 14%.

started out on the Lending Club platform as individuals, but now there are a considerable number of lenders are large mutual funds and hedge funds.

although the company began to target personal loans, but later introduced other services, such as small businesses may borrow up to $100 thousand through the platform.

in November of this year, the platform also launched a two-year extreme loan service, which allows customers to borrow up to $10 thousand.

now, Lending Club has been a lot of people support Wall Street and Silicon Valley, the members of the board of directors include former U.S. Treasury Secretary Laurence Summers (Lawrence H. Summers), a former Morgan Stanley CEO John – Mark (John J. Mack) and the "Queen of the Internet" said Marie – Mikel (Mary Meeker).

Lending Club for the main underwriters for Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse and Citigroup, IPO. (Jin Duo)

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