Not reliable rumors 360 Sogou holdings at a price of 1 billion 200 million

Not reliable rumors 360 Sogou holdings at a price of 1 billion 200 million


technology news July 12th morning news, recently informed sources from the Bank of sina technology revealed that the 360 have been identified in this transaction holding Sogou, Sogou $1 billion 200 million. However, according to the news, Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan to sina science and technology again given not fly three words response.


360 Sogou, this spring sprouting may result in the summer story. And it seems from the last solar term "summer great heat" each one step closer, and the related news is more a.

recently informed sources from Hongkong Investment Bank of sina technology revealed that 360 of the negotiation between Sogou is nearing the end of the transaction, currently can reveal details: 360 holding Sogou, Sogou $1 billion 200 million. However, the details of the transaction on the current situation, these people did not disclose Sina technology.

for the above news, sina science and technology to Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan yesterday to verify, and then gave the Wang Xiaochuan do not fly three words as a response. In a 360 purchase Sogou previous rumors, "not reliable" three words are often Wang Xiaochuan response. In addition, Sogou and 360 public relations department did not respond to.

but it is worth noting that the same news yesterday evening began to appear more in the market. From the U.S. stock market, after the opening price of 360 last night, there are close to about $4%, Sina Technology observed a deal shows that there are buyers invested $250 thousand charge of $360 in September exceeded $60. But a few days ago, Sohu shares rose significantly but only a slight rise.

at the same time, Baidu’s share price is also close to 4% of the increase. Since Monday, Baidu’s stock price continued to rise from $90 to $96. In fact, recently there is news that 360 purchase Sogou it is yellow. In addition, from the transaction volume, Baidu, 360, Sohu and other recent did not appear obvious anomalies.

according to the situation in previous years, the end of July and early August the Sohu will be released in the second quarter earnings, while 360 will be released in the second quarter of August near the end of the report. So at the end of July before and after the great heat will be a key node.

spear and shield

Sogou is worth the acquisition, because Sogou search market share, you can get the acquisition. Sogou has 8% market share in search (according to CNZZ), and Sogou browser and other multiple clients share of products, 360 is to follow this path, pushing the browser to enter the search of the products and then become the cornerstone.

so, buyers need only simple the default search engine Sogou client, into its own search engine, and can receive immediate effect. If this is not the case, the acquisition of Sogou becomes meaningless investment. Moreover, 360 search in February this year, has vowed to win this year, the market share of 20%, in 2015

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