Way home network CEO Luo Jun why can get 100 million financing

Way home network CEO Luo Jun why can get 100 million financing

lead: the way home is the integration of the layout of the online platform and offline mode, will adhere to the high-end positioning and the main domestic market, the future will not enter the pig short rent short rent website business. Funds will be used in three ways.

domestic vacation rental platform way home network recently officially announced $100 million C round of financing, the paper CEO way home Luo Jun of the use of funds, this round of financing way home network valuation, independence and development direction, the following is the interview on the finishing technology of Tencent.

1, C round of financing timing and valuation


, the way home is in Hainan’s business model pilot successfully obtained A round of financing; B round of financing is in the country after the shop more than a dozen to implement differential operation; C round of financing is growing in size and took a year to complete the pressure test, the performance of scale and Industry development prospects been recognized by investors.


Luo said, there are more than and 100 institutional investors expressed the demand for investment, but ultimately chose the first two rounds of the old investors, including GGV capital, Lightspeed An Zhen, CDH investments, Qiming, broadband capital, Ctrip, HomeAway and other follow-up round of investment.

Luo said, the way the furniture body valuation is also disclosed, but this round of investment than the last round of valuations grew by about 4 times (the way home on the line in December 1, 2011, May 2012 by the A round of financing, February 2013 completed B round of financing, two rounds of financing amounted to 400 million yuan).

way home is mainly fancy their brand and traffic acceptance of Ctrip strategic investment, but the future will adhere to the independent development of the way home, the eight shareholders have no personnel in the company, and HomeAway will conduct business related cooperation, but does not rule out and other related companies.

2, the mode and development direction of home

Luo Jun believes that 100 million U.S. dollars of financing shows that investors on the road home model recognition, the difference in his way home model has a total of three points.

first, the way home is the integration of the layout of the online platform and offline mode, to Yishoufang and second-hand housing market and the Turisthotellet industry with the corresponding demand groups housing supply more and larger, currently covering more than and 120 destinations, more than 80 thousand houses (villa is about 10%-20%, the other is the apartment), 400 thousand houses will be launched soon, and there are 1 million houses in the negotiations.

second, the difference between the way home and short rent website is that the real estate and hotel industry integration, to provide standardized services for the next line of partners, launched many non standardized housing.

third, the way home listings mainly from three aspects, the first is the holiday product developers and cooperation, and signed a contract to provide the owners, often lack most of traffic and customers for developers; the second is directly to the owners of housing rental business; third is the household and business cooperation.


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