Some writers think they write well but they don’t have any eggs

Some writers think they write well but they don’t have any eggs

visited IKEA yesterday. To find parking spaces when found, the underground garage is their ads, not only the heart sigh, this capitalist is not the same ah, get in by every opening of the education market, even the garage are not let go.

I did not read IKEA’s advertising system, previously continued dabbling in some online, integral feeling is good.

do these days, I have some wonderful problems, such as distribute leaflets encountered on the road, a lot of people will be shunned, but I would love to take over read, main purpose is not to look at them in what to sell, but to assess the copy if come to me, I will send much money.

if you want to classify the ads, I probably will be divided into the following four kinds:

1, write bad, no effect;

2, write bad, effective;

3, well written, no effect;

4, well written, effective.

write bad no effect, this situation does not need to talk about, that is, those who do live, the market a catch a lot. For example, when you go to work through the overpass in the morning, aunt sent you to sell a single page of the house; and then, for example, a variety of plug into your doorstep, mailbox and car handles on the financial product advertising.

but there is a phenomenon I think it is fantastic, seemingly full China copy, have a common vocabulary. For example, the word strong, we can always be seen in a variety of occasions by the use of wonderful.

I roughly summed up, as long as there is a store opening or the signing of the occasion, there will be fundamental word. For example, a shopping mall merchants, in a WAL-MART supermarket, not surprisingly, their advertising must have one is: congratulations to the world’s top 500 retail enterprises strong in WAL-MART. When the world’s top 500 enterprises settled, said strong still can barely, but one day you suddenly found downstairs to open a barber shop, a row of red paint, Shi Huang read: congratulations on XX salon, strong settled……

I forgot to see which writer wrote about it, and he said he never had to write. He believes that after thousands of years of idioms, has lost the imagination of the language, so to be more vivid expression of a thing, it should be around these language dead zone. In his view, those who are enthusiastic about the use of idioms, or is not a skill, or lazy.

copy writing, should be so.

In contrast,

about those who do well, also tell something about this appointment, generally copy basic will write "hot reservation", and it speaks interesting, I think it is old. We all know that he used to do English training, he wrote his own copy is: fight appointment.

on this matter, we can go to think about what I am a singer’s advertising lines.

Second cases of

, write bad >

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