How to make a good customer love on your website

How to make a good customer love on your website

With the rise of

website construction boom, many companies have set up a website. But the site is built, whether it represents the customer will send it?. In the "sea", to talent shows itself in the competition, to become a good and allow customers to "love" on your website is not easy.

so how to make good let customers "love" on your web site? In fact, like people, have a good appearance (page design), good conversation (content) and good manners (interactive website). I believe these should be the reason why customers are willing to leave. Leaving customers will bring the market brought about by the flow of the site. It is said that a customer is a market, we have to take seriously every customer.

good appearance (page design) in the web page not too fancy as what popular animation, so that not only the visual effects and the site open speed will be slowed down, the first impression is not very good. The site is simple and clear and quick enough, take the website planning, the column names should be clear, easy to understand; column structure should be a hierarchical; navigation of the position to be obvious, unified and so on; good conversation (website) do not follow the content of the website, content must be original, timely and rich. Good manners (interactive function) for customers, we can through the website of the message function, to talk to each other, of course, can also be through a variety of online chat tools to interact, greeting can also in every holiday through the network to send the customer a holiday, let them feel that this is not just a website also, a communication bridge between you and me!

believes that this should be able to make a good customer "love" on your website


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