Search engine October 18th anomaly

Search engine October 18th anomaly

MSN in the roar: glorious rage

The default search word Chinese portal MSN

Microsoft into the " glorious anger, " in the home becomes very conspicuous, but because has been pointing to Baidu, so without any search results.

life) pointing to Baidu, that is to say any words in the search will directly to Baidu. Chinese version of blog search to Baidu blog search; English version of cannot access; video platform can access English YAHOO search can access, namely English version of the YAHOO can not search out any results. Microsoft search portal to China pornography network (seems to be due to high volume of traffic has become extremely slow); the Internet is not very stable, before the emergence of Baidu space analytic anomaly, to second days to fully recover, I hope today’s abnormal will not last long.

recently a national harmonious festive atmosphere, the visitors can also look into the atmosphere, emotional control, speech control. Http://  found from CB

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