Giant’s ideal business looking for high margin areas through the mobile nternet

Giant’s ideal business looking for high margin areas through the mobile nternet


since last year, the Internet giant BAT China three moves frequently, a large acquisition investment move, especially Tencent and Ali, news, people are too busy to attend to all sense. And the premise of all this action are: mobile internet.

mobile Internet is not a simple mobile Internet, both from the user’s use, or to the business side of the business model, are not the same as the desktop internet. Some profitable business on the desktop, such as portals, search, in the mobile terminal is difficult to translate the past.

BAT three giants, each of them on the desktop to grasp the Internet: Baidu information flow, Ali consumer flow, Tencent social exchange, are doing high margin business.

looking for high margin business

Baidu keyword advertising, advertising in all listed China Internet Corporation share the first Tencent; mainly in the game, in the game field, is doing my boss; and Ali Ali? In fact not to do business, if the electricity supplier is the Nuggets, then a person is selling. Tmall electric charge of the water system also has a variety of nominal fee, Taobao is dominated by advertising, news, last year, a single month Taobao advertising revenue even more than Baidu.

electricity supplier in the true sense, in fact, BAT three companies can not play a good. Baidu slightly souded, died down, the Tencent toss for a long time, what is still not much improvement, will eventually give easy fast and become the shareholder with Jingdong. Ali has been selling water, electricity supplier is the largest investment companies, few to do. The true meaning of the electricity supplier is Dangdang, such as Jingdong, that is the real sellers. But the retail industry’s natural low gross margin, BAT this is used to high margin business, it is difficult to adapt. I call this phenomenon is very difficult to sell white cabbage to sell cabbage.

mobile Internet to all companies are out of a problem: the size of the screen changes, changes in user habits, the user attention changes, including social, behavioral changes, and desktop Internet had the very big difference. The giants are more focused on what the company is focusing on: where is my high margin business? Or maybe it’s a joke: where is my white powder?

all the action, in fact, in such a problem.

a very focused field, at least Tencent and Ali found that it is the payment business. Payment business itself does not have too much of the gross margin, but pay close contact with the financial sector, while the financial sector, is a well-known high margin business. Ali electricity supplier on the use of cash flow platform, Ali small loans to expand, which is a high margin business, but also because of the electricity supplier who Ali cash flow, making the bad debt rate is very low. Although the field of public opinion on Ali small loan attention is far lower than the WeChat red envelopes, Yu Ebao and so on, but I have always believed that, >

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