Most of what you know about social marketing is virtual

Most of what you know about social marketing is virtual

Do you think

send micro-blog, WeChat, WeChat, bribed public brush circle of friends will be able to successfully break social marketing? In fact, you know the social marketing knowledge is mostly virtual, not reliable, Hu is breaking hard pull, even if most of a fictitious community marketing shapers.

never do real marketing personnel, listen to heaven.


Brazil Olympic swimming Sun Yang won the gold medal, Fu Yuanhui won the bronze medal, a silver medal in the young men than they are a little known. Who would have thought the 90 Fu Yuanhui with "with the universe" and "I’m satisfied" sincere, instant hot network, a new network of red.

like you can analyze the world is so big, I want to go to see why users love, why the sudden burst of red network, but it is still difficult to recreate a similar network of red.

social transmission is the "hot" you can buy, but this "hot" is similar to the high flow with star advertising, is not what the real meaning of social marketing, just a social high flow on advertising".

is the biggest role of social interaction with the user, always keep in touch with this close relationship is the real value of social marketing in this.

All the traditional and modern marketing knowledge, familiar with

network era, but not to have completely dominate, with judgment and use their own, and can always maintain a sense of innovation, to create social marketing into a living water.

if you have to sum up the successful "Red Net" event marketing case, we may only get a "they all have a unique features to attract users," Fu Yuanhui, "the power" is the answer she doesn’t like many athletes, with modest and the official statement answering the interviewer routine type:

"you have reservations today? (meaning for tomorrow’s final strength left)", "no, I have used the field force";

"we know you this year, the state is not good, now I feel that return to the previous yourself?" "this is history best! I spent three months to recover, the ghost know what I experienced is really too hard…… I really feel like I’m dying…… I’m really training in australia…… Shengburusi……"


"are you hopeful about tomorrow’s final?" "no! I’m very happy!"……

everything in erratic


is not for the illness, not too low wages, not all kinds of excuses, just a sentence "the world is so big, I want to see".

everything erratic so true!

this is the characteristic. A >

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