Sources said the amount of money to complete the D round of orchard every day over 100 million

Sources said the amount of money to complete the D round of orchard every day over 100 million

NetEase Francisco March 29th news, the day before, close to the orchard every day investors told reporters, every orchard D round of financing has been completed recently, the amount of more than 100 million dollars. In the purpose of financing, the investor said that the money will not burn the orchard every day, subsidies will be used in the market, and the extended supply chain, client and server on the transformation of commodity. This reporter to the orchard every day executive confirmation, yet to obtain a formal response.

data show that every orchard was founded in 2009, is a fresh fruit from the origin to the consumer direct supply platform, self built cold storage, cold chain logistics. 2014 orchard sales 500 million yuan per day, sales in 2015 is expected to exceed $1 billion. As of November 2015, orchard APP users reached 7 million people every day. The company currently has about more than 1 thousand and 600 people.

according to reports, every orchard completed in 2011 Angel round of financing, the amount of nearly 10 million yuan, the main investor in venture capital Pu soft; orchard every day A round of financing of nearly $10 million, the main investor Heiner Asian venture capital funds (SIG); early 2014, completed the orchard every day tens of millions of dollars B round of financing, the main investor ClearVue (Kai Ming Investment); in May 2015, every orchard announced the completion of $70 million C round of financing, led by Jingdong, Heiner Asian venture capital fund (SIG), ClearVue (Kai Ming Investment) with the vote.

is worth mentioning is that the last winter capital since the burn, fresh electricity supplier industry profitability difficult financing has become more difficult, the orchard every day of this round of financing or will affect the market competition pattern. Every orchard founder Wang Wei wrote recently: "fresh electricity is a potential of the industry, but not able to make quick money, that is not the case for every A new force suddenly rises. fresh electricity supplier in the industry."

Wang Wei said that fresh goods easy loss and non standardization, determines the industry requires patience, catch the air logic does not apply, "this is not a simple spell and capital flow business", "based on the industry, good products, good service, can make the value, valuation". (He Shulong)

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