Talk about the truth of micro blog marketing

Talk about the truth of micro blog marketing

in recent days saw Li two split four division and cock Gui Zijian in blows, my younger brother played with social media marketing, some feelings and opinions together with write to discuss with you, say the wrong place welcome.

A part of the micro-blog

marketing in accordance with the division of the cock is also the answer understanding of marketing, it seems to me that the micro marketing should be attention marketing, micro-blog users have removed active intend to release when what content, most of the time is in the purpose of unknown stage, to see what is inside the user, no expectations, is a curved state. Micro-blog is like a big square, come and go what kind of people have, but the developers did not stand billboards, you do not want to buy a wide hard to buy. So many people get some opportunities out of pity, to promote the products, how to do? Can the soft marketing, we are like Wu Yi busk, eighteen, it is not the old do not exclude up together, shouting abuse and attack products, character, all can attract attention, is micro-blog marketing means. But really can play a role in the promotion of the product there are a few employees often ask: "you micro-blog marketing can bring me how many sales, how much transformation, I want to get instant results." Cock division in a video interview also talk about how to bring much of a drug sales, if you can say bad words, I just want to say it is xx. Micro-blog is just a carrier, you pass to the user’s content is very important, it brings influence and awareness of the upgrade, rather than the direct conversion of sales. Enterprises in the assessment of micro-blog marketing success, mostly to forward and comment to judge, forwarding and comments may as the assessment point, but is not the most important conditions. Some with a large prize micro activity content, to attract users to participate in forwarding comments, look light articles from wine net fresh and bright, but in the end, the effect of the transformation is in a complete mess, so that a period of time most of micro-blog marketing companies are doing the same thing, think that micro activity is micro-blog marketing, to get some prizes on the stick, there will be a lot of people come to play, remember to participate in activities, things finally sent out, people don’t remember what you are.


in the use of this tool for product marketing, enterprises need not 1 of N (user interaction), if users begin to interact with you, you also do not move over micro-blog, the response rate of 30% is already a micro-blog maintenance high threshold, unless there are 8 million Navy for you. Enterprises should create an image to spread through this carrier, then the means is nothing more than articles, videos, pictures, as we all know, so it is difficult in the selection on the.

cock division every stresses are ignored this point, talk about what Malos needs theory like theory. Since it is normal as crack cock success case said that bad, why never mentioned the specific implementation for crack promotional content. What plays what role? This is not a few micro activities to find some water in the hold of forwarding and comment on the


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