Discussion on the development prospect and operation of skill exchange network

Discussion on the development prospect and operation of skill exchange network

understand the skills exchange trading network, we must first clear a few definitions:

1, also called geek, geek, English transliteration of the word geek in American slang means intellectual good at studying scholars and intellectuals. The term "technology customer" can be defined as: through their own technology, knowledge, experience, to provide others on the Internet or a variety of services in reality.

2, skills, including technology, knowledge, experience, not just refers to technology.

3, skills exchange, not for the purpose of profit between the technical exchange between the customer.

4, skills trading, with the purpose of profit for the technical customer behavior, the use of their skills, knowledge and experience to serve others, access to capital gains.

general skills exchange net only skills exchange services, providing comprehensive services website or network (http://s.www.yesban.com) network technology, easy for passengers, one is the presentation skills, access to potential transactions; two is the exchange of skills needed to get free; three is making friends through the exchange; four is easy to accept the task in the network reward or carry out activities, witkey. Easy net is the financial skills of sales network, skills exchange network and Witkey network as one of the trading platform, the exchange of skills.

first, skills exchange trading network Outlook Analysis

exchange skills and skills trades are the objective existence of market demand, provide a comprehensive service skills exchange trading network market demand there is no doubt that the so-called future is said that this type of Web site can develop, to profit. I think the skill exchange trading network will appear several characteristics in the development, 1, to attract users to exchange skills, for Witkey reality. 2, make a task for many deserted Witkey mode, go to a trading way, of course premise is to attract significant technical and customer master. 3, vigorously develop the technical and customer office, go geeek packaging and promotion way, become a kind of network professionals have a unique style. 4, there are other ways to explore.

two, skills exchange trading network profit model analysis

early to extract skills trading commissions, advertising revenue, website development can carry out technical and customer certification, packaging and promotion can earn promotion fee; joint enterprises to carry out technical and customer competition to earn sponsorship fees, advertising fees; and technical and customer cooperation can earn skill training training fee, certification fee. In short, the skill exchange trading network core products geeek, geeek talent, high-end talent, seize the talent, what you can do, what the search and training, publication, patent promotion, as long as you can do the site is booming, you don’t want to make money because you are not. Catch the most scarce resources in the world — talent.

three, skills exchange trading network promotion strategy

1, perfect and promoting geek culture.

2, multi angle soft Wen reports, or even write a "technical diary" TV series script.

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