Web site to respond to the negative evaluation of the 7 processes

Web site to respond to the negative evaluation of the 7 processes

negative feedback requires a unique and effective process, whether it is used in the site related to e-mail, messages, forums are the same, the following is the seven step to restore the negative evaluation:

first step: find out the value of

first need to find out the value of the negative evaluation content, if the negative evaluation is said: "your product sucks!". However, most of the messages are based on the real situation or experience you can improve, so you should be able to provide solutions that satisfy the customer. Even if it is difficult to explore the deep value of negative evaluation, but also to think hard.

second step: find out the crux of the problem

to find out the value of the negative evaluation, it is necessary to determine the crux of the problem. Because the process defects, poor service, poor user experience, or the message had been treated unfairly? At the beginning to solve the problem and improve customer satisfaction before, should first determine the cause of the problem and the problem of the actual.

third step: find out the relationship

replies, it is easy to forget that the middle also involves some real people, including the experience of the negative experience of the customer as well as those who had participated in the event. Remember that events are caused by people, and there are people who suffer, which can make your reply more real, more humane, more appropriate.

fourth step: find the solution

The problem is whether

has been solved because of product defects, or the need for several weeks or months to solve the internal process, you need to find a solution to the problem and customer specific topics to implement scheme.

fifth step: improve the problem

as far as possible to implement the solution in the internal process, training or the cause of the incident. If you can not improve the situation, we must let you know that you are thinking about countermeasures. You should improve the situation for the customer, if it is a defective product should be replaced immediately; if it is because of poor training or defects in the process, you should apologize to the customer, to improve the.

sixth step: customer satisfaction

similarly, customers are real people. You should be compassionate, and make sure that you have not only solved the problem, but also concerned about it.

seventh step: reply

can now respond to negative reviews. Keep in mind that every step of the way, Yang Fan is not here to give you a demonstration of the http://s.www.ccyyw.com model, because it is not true. But if you really follow the steps above, you should be able to solve the problem, make the customer satisfied, improve the internal situation, and let the similar problems.

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