Brush circle of friends circle of product managers to draw notes you really do not look at it

Brush circle of friends circle of product managers to draw notes you really do not look at it

Blues attended the Institute of chaos Institute of product management courses to share, sharing is also learning. Two days, in Shanghai, the four game sharing:

Ali cloud product director Tang Zinan: 2B products from 0 to 1 operating seed users

Mei Sha science and technology founder Blues (Lan Jun): tools to ecosystem construction: YY1.0 – 8 version of the evolution of the road

former Alipay Senior Product Manager Lu Shushen: "the product as a child"

Chen German capital partner Liang Ning: Product Manager’s required course

a yanxishe students, while lectures, while making the hand as the acme of perfection notes, ask him to Blues, the maxed yanxishe circle of friends from behind the classroom record, finishing 36 Blues class notes the essence of text.

hand-painted notes










drawing class notes, from Gao Wei, he is currently in the courses, do business and personal visual thinking visual interpretation, is interested in WeChat search public number: painting said, public concern Gao Wei, Gao Wei has said the painting.

36 course essence

human weakness: lust, greed (red, free communication, free download), vanity (friends, caste, identity), peep (near, secret), procrastination (without typing voice message, do not go out of the O2O, the head of a personalized push today).

a person out, is that he can achieve the best.

can not put hope in people’s change.

the biggest cost is to use the wrong person.

popular flow, all retail opportunities, not found a new traffic depression.

your product, you can control the length of the industry chain, strength and precision.

and bothering you or hate reality to defend, beginning this is your product.

The rise of the

community = product centric marketing + human centric connectivity.


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