Zhang Yaqin will return to the technology of Baidu cloud what kind of future

Zhang Yaqin will return to the technology of Baidu cloud what kind of future

Western proverb: "God of God, Kaiser’s kaiser". Scientist Zhang Yaqin back in charge of Baidu R & D system, not only is Zhang Yaqin in the cause of the homing, Baidu is betting on "artificial intelligence", once again strengthen the gene technology, embodies Robin Li’s focus on technology and tilt.

and Zhang Yaqin in the technical field of focus return after a month, they resorted to a big move: in October 11th, Baidu announced that its cloud computing business of Baidu brand upgrade, open cloud officially upgraded to Baidu cloud computing business oriented cloud, Baidu became the new business growth point. Seemingly trivial, but in fact, Baidu internal cloud computing business to enhance the strategic position, but also indicates that the completion of the business adjustment and brand combing Baidu cloud, under the leadership of Zhang Yaqin’s new appearance.

outlet on the cloud, Robin Li appointed Zhang Yaqin

this year, the domestic cloud computing market is unprecedented, except BAT moves frequently in various fields, HUAWEI, Jingdong, NetEase and other giants also repeatedly put the big move, fierce competition. While the international cloud computing giant Microsoft and Amason’s business in China has also made a breakthrough, after Microsoft cloud (Azure) and vianet cooperation, Amason (AWS) in cooperation with Guanghua new network also realized the operation of public cloud services, in Chinese regulatory environment.

as the first echelon of the Internet giant, for many years dedicated to personal cloud business, Baidu also actively layout, the Robin Li boss will be picked to play Zhang Yaqin.

for Zhang Yaqin, a variety of folk legends, 12 years old "prodigy" into the USTC youth class, 31 year old was awarded the American Academy of electrical and Electronic Engineering Association (IEEE Fellow) to obtain the honor title, become the most young scientists of the association’s 100 year history. So far, there are more than 60 U.S. patents, more than and 500 academic papers and 11 monographs, etc.. Since then, Microsoft Asia Research Institute president and chief scientist of the title, but let him realize the flying academic career, reached a common person to match the height.

such a set of technical and management talents and a person, take the heady moment of cloud computing, it is the right way, on the one hand as the most cutting-edge international scientists, Zhang Yaqin of science and technology industry and industry in the future have a profound insight, from both macro and micro strategy level face specific business level. Will grasp more accurately; on the other hand, with the development of artificial intelligence technology, and cloud computing market competition, Zhang Yaqin in the past research background and work experience, but also to become the best candidate to lead the Baidu cloud, in the market take cities and seize territory.

Zhang Yaqin personally took, strengthening of artificial intelligence Baidu cloud


look at the domestic cloud computing market, artificial intelligence has become a giant in the hands of the trump card. Ali cloud has demonstrated its achievements in artificial intelligence, in April this year, >

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