Cast know almost Sogou the next step to cast what

Cast know almost Sogou the next step to cast what


last week broke the news or investment Sogou, tiger sniffing the first time for a follow-up and interpretation, interestingly, the official position is in the know user questions to answer: CEO know almost week, Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan, founding partner of innovation works and Wang Hua respectively answer, so that both sides in the the joint press conference held Sunday looks more like as a mere formality, two technology executives two representatives made a keynote speech, and the founders in the roundtable talk about friendship and knowledge.

with Sogou investment know one thing settled, more details and questions followed, yesterday (Monday), Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan made a small media communication inside, in two hours, Wang Xiaochuan talked about the investment almost know the story behind a series of problems and future development Sogou strategy direction, etc.. I will sort out the whole content, plus some of the previous material, can be summarized as follows:

is the first issue of equity ratio, Wang Xiaochuan: let us go in is very good

yesterday, a regulatory document from the parent company of the Sohu Sogou, Sogou September 2015 $12 million investment or Technology Co Ltd (Zhihu Technology Limited, hereinafter referred to as known), and the latter about 3% stake. We can read at least three information points:

1, from the time point of view, the financing was completed two months ago.

2, according to projections, the current valuation is about $400 million.

3, Tencent shareholding ratio higher than 3%.


Tencent ownership is unclear, but let’s hold a 3% stake in Sogou announced a high-profile investment almost know, how to say a bit uncomfortable, also known almost last year also completed a round of financing in the last year, why not? For this question, Wang Xiaochuan replied: "it would definitely vote, 3% a little, but at least let us in, although it is still very limited, but can develop slowly, and on the second question, his answer is: the official last year is also considered, but they do not express strategic investment, so until this year decided to cooperate."

obviously, the Tencent is obviously to let dad Sogou, is hope the outside world will pay attention to the significance of Sogou + know almost cooperation, while downplaying the changes, for the content of the ecological system as almost joined Tencent stand, said CEO know almost week, Tencent is the first known introduction of Internet giants.

why invest know almost: content exclusive

now open Sogou search, in the category has joined the knowledge search, in other words, if you have to search Sogou on a keyword, the first entry is likely to jump out of the answer from the known — this seems to meet with Wang Xiaochuan on.

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