Copycat version of the small loan companies in the network quickly spread into anchored platform loa

Copycat version of the small loan companies in the network quickly spread into anchored platform loa

small loan company reputation, not only let more people want to get the tickets, but suffered "Li Gui" latent, let customers who have no experience in the small loan company loan, accidentally on the hook. The copycat version of the small loan company as "infectious disease" as quickly spread on the network, customers need to have to identify the authenticity of "piercing eye".

network audit day loan

happiness comes too suddenly

"no need to worry about loans, small loans to help you……" On the network to enter the small loans these words, tens of thousands of information will be refreshed. For the country, the day loan, no fees, the success rate of 100%". These words make a lot of loan customers feel happy too suddenly".

reporter saw dozens of small loan companies advertising information released in Beijing a loan website, free to click into Beijing Peng X microfinance company, the company did not have independent domain name, but anchored in the loan website name, loan hotline is a QQ number and mobile phone number. Friends through QQ verification, each claiming to be the company’s customer service staff, simply asked the loan amount, duration, etc. use the customer, the customer service staff let reporters fill in the applicant’s name, ID number, address, income and other living information audit, the main credit audit clients.

reporter about 10 in the morning to contact with the customer service staff, probably at about 11, the customer service staff said: Congratulations, your information has been audited, the day you can loan. Staff will contact you later." After a while, the staff called to inform the client application, although no mortgage loan soon, but the company itself to control risk, customers need to pay a certain amount of deposit, if customers believe that the so-called "security" to exchange, so the "dream" will become a nightmare".

The most common

is the "Li Gui" small loan company scams, fraud is the core of this means, to pay a "deposit" loans, or "interest" and "fees", customers worry about money and do not understand the small loan company loan process, so cheated.

the first one piercing eye bianjia

formal companies are not allowed to do remote business

in fact, this "Li Gui" small loan company lies completely Its loopholes appeared one after another. can not withstand scrutiny. The "national" advertising, 80% is "Li Gui" company. Beijing nongtou Qingrong microfinance credit Limited by Share Ltd manager Li Yanqing told reporters that the formal small loan companies is affected by the amount and geographical restrictions, first of all have issued local regulators to allow the lending license office, not too shabby, the company staff size at around 15.

"the most important point is that all of the country >

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