2007 Taiwan blog platform BSP the latest 10 strong

2007 Taiwan blog platform BSP the latest 10 strong

      Shenzhen online in October 9th, according to Taiwan media reports, 2007 in Taiwan blog service platform (BSP) the ranking is still way ahead by a wretch, "Inter City Market Research Consultants" released in September 21, 2007, Taiwan offered to blog using adjustable digital display, currently in Taiwan general users "Taiwan blog" supplier (BSP) arrival rate ranking is divided into: wretch, Yahoo! Kimo blog, Taiwan Yam Taiwan sky blog…

first       wretch;                       (71.35%)

second   YAHOO’s blog Taiwan     (59.71%)

third   Yam     Taiwan sky blog;   (36.06%)

Fourth   Hinet Xuite                (31.78%)

fifth   MSN Live Spaces (31.74%)

sixth   PIXNET     pixnet;   (20.97%)

seventh   PChome news       (19.67%)

eighth   Sina Taiwan                   (17.40%)

ninth   leduo log                           (15.90%)

tenth   Blogger.com          (2.09%)

(the figures provided by a city of international market research consultants)

      on the above figures, the CNET news is written in third for Yam sky tribe, while in >

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