2014 review the wonderful story of nternet Co recruitment

2014 review the wonderful story of nternet Co recruitment

Internet talent is a valuable wealth of industry companies rushed to snatch, the sword pay recruitment or become a laughingstock of their wonderful story, all is the size of the company are desperate for talent show.


in twenty-first Century, what is the most precious talent? In recent years, the talent of this scarce resources more and more attention by enterprises, Internet Co for talent competition is intensified. They always dare to often in the recruitment of new in order to be different, it will focus, extreme, fast play the most incisive, many companies have indeed made a great harvest of talent.

but also some companies sometimes too want to attract attention, or ideal too advanced, created a lot of jokes by everyone for recruitment, Tucao wonderful. Today we have to look back in 2014, the recruitment of anecdotes, give life to some dull material.

: a wonderful Silicon Valley play "Google puzzle", Shanghai play copycat

in the summer of 2004, the Silicon Valley subway station had a strange billboard only marked "can be found in the" e "series of the first ten digit prime number.Com", this is actually a Google advertisement. Only those who meet the Google values and have the ability to think highly of the final solution to the problem and get the qualifications of the entry Google.

a lot of curious passers-by on the spot will react to this is a math problem, and some people even immediately calculate the answers, but the beginning who do not know this is Google "yinggutou" questions. Within the specified time, many people log on the answer site – www.7427466391.com. But that’s not the end of the dream, and there’s a much more difficult math problem in www.7427466391.com. Only answer this question in order to get the password to enter the next page…… Finally, a total of 7500 off the field of mathematics "marathon" warriors at Google labs ", successfully cast resume, scheduled this recruitment needs significantly higher than Google 50 people.

either in terms of advertising or recruitment, Google in the genius of the Silicon Valley play a style also achieved very good returns.

such a good idea, of course, can not be imitators.

in March this year, many people in the ShangHai Railway Station square, waiting room, there was like "Google puzzle" billboard, the giant network put out — "you happiness may be hidden in this string of letters, CCAVSGDSBJHZTMHW — a giant" quack "".


so a bit of advertising, suddenly let have a strong interest in the crowd, many people also really started trying to decode — it seems that this let them see a godsend among the network game giant company. But there are others

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