Stationmaster net broadcast UnionPay VS Alipay ten years of friends to the Republic

Stationmaster net broadcast UnionPay VS Alipay ten years of friends to the Republic

1 Alipay cup VS: ten years of friends to the Republic of  

one day in 2004, Ma went into the Pudong pine forest is located in Shanghai Road 300, Chinese UnionPay headquarters, to visit China UnionPay executives, he wants to find the payment solution of Taobao online.

The brief meeting lasted about half an hour, the

insider told the China News weekly.

sitting at the negotiating table, both sides, there are ambitious ambition to wait to achieve.

Ma Yungang created the in a year ago, he used the provocative language to tell those onlookers half believe and half doubt to beat Taobao, international business tycoon EBAY. The establishment of two years, but China UnionPay, has just completed the first generation of bank card interbank clearing system.

2 Beijing’s first P2P run away: Net Campbell half hidden behind the majestic Everbright  

Beijing’s first P2P website "run away" the protagonist of the event, on-line only 4 months net Campbell in June 4th quietly closed, then, investors have found that its website reserved Tel also a state not connected.

as of press time reporter, the total amount of investment of more than 600 yuan is still unaccounted for, involving more than 130 investors nationwide.

by more than 100 investors consisting of rights can not be found because the team behind the entity can not be in Beijing City Public Security Bureau of economic investigation department filing.

however, the net Campbell behind the company began to emerge. The financial weekly newspaper reporter from the Ministry exclusively learned that the network Campbell record information display its organizer for the Beijing Cci Capital Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the magnificent majestic Everbright Everbright).

3 World Cup right behind the event: the audience to the video site migration  

each world cup for China’s Internet industry is a milestone, the 2014 World Cup in Brazil is also.

June 12th, Zhang Zhaoyang, chairman of the board of directors of the Sohu since 1998 since the previous World Cup, entrance information from the paper medium to electronic medium, the transition from PC to mobile TV screen, screen screen and video, is represent the general trend, mobile, social, will be the 2014 Brazil world cup new user experience.

as a result of mobile, social, WeChat, micro-blog and mobile QQ has become an important world cup information portal. On the morning of June 13th, WeChat circle of friends, WeChat group, as well as micro-blog’s full screen is related to the World Cup news: people through these channels to share the views of the same event in real time, disputes, or tucao.

4 Ali mother began to limit the promotion of Taobao customers channel  

received a message a few days ago, the effect is to limit the mother Ali Amoy

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