Adsense network broadcast QQ browser push video ads cover WeChat service number to change the new re

Adsense network broadcast QQ browser push video ads cover WeChat service number to change the new re

1 QQ browser push video ads to cover or impact video site  

experts pointed out that if the user forms a browser to find and play video dependence, the video site will be the entrance of the APP impact.

as a browser, there seems to be a natural impulse to intercept advertising, the recent launch of the 5.1 version of the QQ browser is no exception, in the advertising interception began to sell. However, unlike some of the previous browsers, the feature is not on the video site patch advertising intercept, but the content of the video from the frequent harassment of the user’s floating window advertising extract. In any case, as long as the reduction of advertising, will naturally be welcomed by the user level, but the video site will react?

2 WeChat service number to increase the number of times each month 4 senior bulk interface more flexible

April 15th news, WeChat public platform today to adjust the number of public account service number of rules, all the number of services from the original number of times a week to 1 times a month to 4 times. In addition, WeChat has also been open to WeChat certified service number of advanced mass interfaces, developers can design a more flexible group communication through advanced bulk. But the advanced group interface is only available to WeChat certified service number, while each user can receive up to 4 public messages per month.

it is understood that, in order to avoid the public account of the fans of information bombing and over marketing, in July last year, WeChat’s subscription number and service number for the public to distinguish. The subscription number can send a message every day, but the information can not be folded alone, and do not have the custom menu function; service number though with a custom menu, the follow-up also has some advanced interface functions, but the message sending is limited in the number of times a month.

3 PolicyMic: by social networking sites play traffic  

Christopher and Altchek Jake Horowitz is a small, now is 26 years old. These two people are well aware that their generation wants to learn more about things that will not pass through these outdated channels of star photos, videos, and the use of the internet.

they found that the vast majority of the online media, now in their twenties, are talking about something that is worthless. In 2011, in order to provide a more meaningful network of content for the new generation, Altchek, a former analyst at Goldman Sachs and columnist at the time, was founded in New York in Horowitz, PolicyMic. The location of the site is "the voice of our generation", aimed at the news, politics and popular culture in the field of "80" young people with unique views and views.

4 Tencent literature will be independent

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