Jingdong’s Mini pick up publicly condemned the parent company of wages

Jingdong’s Mini pick up publicly condemned the parent company of wages

will soon be listed Jingdong mall, just suffered a fast and easy integration with the storm after the Jingdong, South Korea’s main commodity B2C platform "Jingdong Mini pick broke wages events.

the evening of April 11th, the Jingdong Mini pick official micro-blog released a message: " yesterday is payday Jingdong, and did not receive wages, dog my cats, the Jingdong, which is to lead to trouble you? Pick a retirement home for mother sister, a baby cry piteously for food is not listed, the company scrapped smecta. "

to 2:00 pm on April 12th, the micro-blog also released, said: the so-called two-way choice is even before the new year’s Eve in thirty weeks pregnant women were killed."

previously, the official micro-blog has been silent for several months, which also led to a lot of speculation.

exposes on the chat

in the case of mini pick, an official statement from the Jingdong: Jingdong Mini pick is a subsidiary of the Jingdong, at the beginning of this year, considering its business model and operating conditions and other factors, the company decided to study the business into an open platform department. Mini pick most of the staff have completed job transfer or make a two-way choice based on personal development aspirations. Mini pick up the shelves have also been successfully incorporated into the Jingdong open platform, the relevant terms of cooperation remain unchanged.

BOE side said, at present, only a few members of both refused to accept the job transfer is not provided by the company over the termination of the labor contract law compensation scheme. Jingdong has commissioned an external lawyer to handle matters.

public information, mini challenge was originally Japanese trend of online shopping mall, by Ding day network technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established in 2011. In early 2012, Jingdong announced the acquisition of mini pick, a comprehensive online shopping mall brand. Jingdong said the mini pick operations and team of buyers is the core resources, the platform has become a part of Jingdong overseas business development. But in recent years, Jingdong, including mini pick included in the operation of overseas business platform and no significant improvement.


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