Ali’s response to the incident is suspected to be a political factor

Ali’s response to the incident is suspected to be a political factor

According to Ali

again after a lapse of four years by the United States government into its "notorious markets list" incident, President Ali responded that the disappointment of the United States government this move, doubt this is the current political atmosphere influence.

it is reported that the local time on December 21st (22 am Beijing time), the office of the U.S. trade representative issued a report on the protection of intellectual property rights, and other 10 China market was included in the so-called "bad market", accounted for almost the total list of 1/4. This list of four years ago from the list of Ali, is undoubtedly a setback.

in this regard, the Alibaba group president Bethune said: "the Alibaba group for the office of the U.S. trade representative will be included in Taobao’s" notorious markets list "the decision is very disappointed. Four years ago, it was the office that removed us from this list. "

he said, "the United States trade representative office is at this time we will be taken back" notorious markets list "we suspected the decision whether or realistic, is affected by the current political atmosphere."

Alibaba said that at present there are more than 100 thousand brands to carry out business in the Alibaba’s platform, and including apple, Burberry, and LV, Cartier, Nike, more than 18 thousand international brands of fake cooperation. According to Ali aspects revealed that by August 2016, Alibaba initiative to intercept and shelves of goods and complaints received by the right holder of the proportion of goods is 16:1, two times in 2014.

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