Blind expansion lead to indigestion portal where

Blind expansion lead to indigestion portal where

TOM online layoffs again, the site is facing the fate of the division this year: either in the past, or not." From the close to the pinnacle of success, to four jobs to survive, this process is TOM and the portal to ponder.

lost in the fierce competition

, TOM online once again started a large-scale layoffs, leaving the general manager of the website of the Ministry of Wang Xin period. Allegedly, the preparation of TOM online website is brewing abolition division, will remain not much content of the team under the other departments. After this round of layoffs, the entire TOM site will be left only a few dozen people, TOM is equivalent to completely disappear from the portal, the future of the site may also be prepared to cancel the department.

this is the fourth large-scale layoffs TOM online. In early 2007, the privatization of 3 months after the adjustment of the TOM online portal architecture, including technology, games, digital, news and other online channels have been abolished, involving hundreds of people. In November last year, TOM wireless division again came news of massive layoffs, layoffs accounted for about 20%-30%.

actually, the site is not only one of the layoffs TOM online. September 2010, all kinds of information on the air channel all the shelves in the home page, including finance, science and technology, sports, news, entertainment channel employees were cut.

blind expansion causes dyspepsia

for a long time, China’s portal is Sina, Sohu, NetEase rule the world, with the Tencent, MSN Chinese portal and YAHOO’s accession, China’s increasingly fierce competition portal. Even one of the three major portals Sohu, Tencent has also been replaced, ranking fell out of the top three.

once the portal giant, what is left behind in the competition? The industry analysis, the main problems in strategic positioning.

Internet analyst Lv Bowang believes that the four major business SP TOM online business portal, TOM-Skype, TOM, eBay can not become a long-term stable growth, mainly due to its addiction to make quick money". TOM online first by SP business scene temporarily, after the SP service is a policy change, TOM online to give up SP, for TOM-Skype business, found that this business does not let it make a lot of money, and will look to the field of electronic commerce, the establishment of a joint venture with eBay TOM eBay, this business in 2007 bring a HK $104 million loss for the TOM online, since then has been unable to turn a profit. Then, watching online video increasingly prosperous, TOM group will develop the territory’s center of gravity to this field. TOM online always run with the others behind, develop new business, busy busy keeping up with fashion trends, the result is monkeys breaking corn, breaking one threw a final, probably nothing.

and Sohu in the rankings, but also with the

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