Emergency rescue please love to participate in the webmaster

Emergency rescue please love to participate in the webmaster

for the Quangang border town Lingtou village 27 year old girl Lin Meiqin, since the beginning of a sudden stomach pain seven years ago, her life is calm: she had to bid farewell to the happiness with his family around the doctor, but found inside and outside the province hospital, but no one dare from. Now, as the disease continues to deteriorate, her stomach has become a huge drum.

had been diagnosed with only a few months to live

one day in May 2002, is the Lin Meiqin work shoe felt a sudden abdominal pain. She did not care about at first thought it was caused by heat. Who knows the pain is more and more frequent, more intense, until one day she fainted in the dormitory in pain. Leave home, the family thought is a minor illness, take her to the clinic, the doctor diagnosed gastropathy. But after taking medicine is not improved, but accompanied by vomiting symptoms. In the city hospital, the doctor found that her liver and kidney parts of the tumor through B ultrasound and CT. A month later, in a hospital in Fuzhou, the doctor diagnosed: tuberous sclerosis and double renal dislocation, liver tumor. The doctor gave the conclusion that they were desperate: to operate, at least three times, the first time is to remove the left side of the kidney, the second half of the year after the replacement of a new kidney, the third is the removal of the right kidney. Even more difficult is that the operation cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars, but also not to be successful, is likely to fall on the table ". The doctor also told Lin Meiqin’s father, Lin Wenkun, the situation may eventually only survive for a few months, is to be careful on the car, once the bumps will happen.

find more than ten hospitals in the South

shock, one family is still holding a glimmer of hope, the beginning of a long history of chemists.

in Fuzhou after a period of time, the family are very desperate. But after the doctor called the "doomsday" family, surprised to find that Lin Meiqin in addition to more and more serious symptoms, abdominal swelling is more and more big, still tenaciously alive. This gives them hope. After that, Lin Wenkun everywhere to find out where the disease can be cured, as long as people say where good, he was full of hope with his daughter ran there. They traveled to Putian, Quanzhou, Fuzhou and other places. Last November, I heard that a hospital in Wuhan in the treatment of this disease is more authoritative, Lin and his daughter rushed to Wuhan. They have found two hospitals in Wuhan, spent more than ten thousand yuan. But the conclusions given by doctors are not optimistic, dare not surgery. A few years later, they have saved a thick stack of records. Come down, they visited the hospital has more than 10.

"sell the house to cure her"

years of chemists, the family spent several million yuan, but still only watched Lin Meiqin’s condition worsens day by day. The desperation of the occasion, and the thought of Lin media, hope that through media reports, for them to have good guidance.

Lin Wenkun’s home in the town of Ling Ling village, the house is more than 30 years ago from the production team to buy down, has been too dilapidated to live. Carpenter hand

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