Adsense network broadcast WeChat officially launched the PC version of 5 inches of blue magic releas

Adsense network broadcast WeChat officially launched the PC version of 5 inches of blue magic releas

1 WeChat formally launched the PC version of QQ will lose the last piece of exclusive positions  


PC version has been officially launched today in beta beta 1 (previously Alpha small scale test), compared to the online version of no new function. The old version of the test cannot detect the update to the beta directly, but the new installation package can cover the update in the old version on the basis of.

The following sections of

were released on December 2014:

36 krypton received today broke the news, Tencent is going on within the PC version of WeChat’s test, although the news has been a long time. But today we can see a clear shot.

2 ordinary way: these years the Internet changes  

we do not like ordinary, especially do not like to walk on the ordinary road. We used to look at the distance of the bustling lights, fantasy after the arrival of the joy and new life, fantasy after the arrival of how to wash away the fatigue of the road, to pursue their own happiness. All the expectations of the good, in the presence of the bustling lights in the distance, this is our motivation and determination to continue to go on.

we do not meet the ordinary, especially not satisfied with the walk on the ordinary road. As if these ordinary road, simply can not afford our youth, our restless heart, our talent, our dreams. Because these are not satisfied, we will continue to raise their heads and look at the distant lights of the bustling, as if there is our story. Although we are not sure what is there, whether it belongs to that place, in the end there is no story.

3 SAIC white paper: Ali network trading platform to save the 5 major problems  

according to the State Administration for Industry and Commerce in charge of the China "business news" news, the State Administration for Industry and commerce network commodity transaction supervision department issued "on the administrative guidance work of the Alibaba’s white paper", "white paper" said Ali network trading platform main access is not strict, information on the goods review ineffective and sales behavior management confusion, credit evaluation, flawed internal staff lax control of 5 major problems, and puts forward the related requirements of the Alibaba group.

4 Alipay "sesame" to the first domestic personal credit score of  


January 28th morning news, Alipay’s Sesame credit days before has on the part of the user in the beta, the first sesame credit, credit level show users. Sesame credit is China’s first ever personal credit score. Its first product is called sesame credit (abbreviated as "sesame").

It is reported that

, the sesame credit taken and Alipay wallet cooperation, Alipay wallet version 8.5 beta user login, open the "wealth" column can see sesame credit Options >

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