Robin Li recalled Baidu ten years of Entrepreneurship am glad to be born in the right Era

Robin Li recalled Baidu ten years of Entrepreneurship am glad to be born in the right Era

review: Robin Li said, Baidu housewarming is Baidu’s ten year history important moment. Baidu was lucky to be born in the right time, and had a good time.


Robin Li review Baidu ten years of Entrepreneurship: I am glad to be born in the right age

November 17th news, Baidu CEO Robin Li said in a speech today when Baidu housewarming ceremony, Baidu housewarming is Baidu’s ten year history of the important moment. He said that Baidu is fortunate to have been born in a right time, to catch up with a good opportunity.

this morning, Baidu held a grand ceremony to celebrate the company officially on the move, in the information industry base of the new office building, Baidu building and development.

Robin Li said, ten years ago he had a dream to venture in Zhongguancun, the earliest in the North Resources Hotel rented two rooms to the office, out of the first Baidu search engine development there; at the beginning of 2002, Baidu moved to Haitai building, 2004 April, Baidu moved into the ideal International Building West of Zhongguancun, in the subsequent listing after that, Baidu has worked in Putian, third, Yinke building rented office etc..

Baidu moved into a new home, but also means that the previous experience of renting a living experience through the end. In the past two weeks, Baidu in Putian building, building, building and ideal triode located on the building site Xinwei 4000 employees, has been moved to the new building of Baidu. (text / Leshan)

following Baidu CEO Robin Li speech:

Secretary Zhao Fengtong, Secretary Li Zhengwen, vice chairman Wei Xc, distinguished from the central city of Beijing, Haidian District of Zhongguancun at all levels of leadership, distinguished guests, dear Baidu, today we are very pleased to here at Baidu and Baidu opened Xiamen housewarming ceremony to thank everyone together with us to witness such an important moment in Baidu’s history.


from the establishment to the present, there have been nearly ten years of history, ten years ago, I have a technology to change the world dream back to Beijing, go back to Zhongguancun, Peking University Resource hotel in a rented two room office, where we developed the first first Baidu search engine, also as a prelude to the future development of Baidu. At the beginning of 2002, due to the rapid development, we moved out of the hotel resources, the Haitai building, where we implement the famous lightning plan, make Baidu search Chinese in quality comprehensive beyond all competitors. So, in 2003, we became the world’s largest Chinese search engine.

2004 April, the ideal International Building, Baidu moved to Zhongguancun West since then, shortly after the listing, but also worked in various regions, such as the third, Putian silvertech rented a new office building, today we are very happy all the Baidu headquarters staff will soon move into or.

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