Cooperation with telecom network service contract dispute Ming suspended flat share

Cooperation with telecom network service contract dispute Ming suspended flat share

server hosting, server flat-share and flat-share server as the main business of the Ming Network ( recently issued a notice on the official website, the following is the content of the announcement:



Ming Network Emergency Bulletin (10.7 update)

Dear customer Hello, existing contract dispute network cooperation China network company in Liuzhou Ming Co. Ltd and China Telecom Liuzhou branch, through the Liuzhou net Network Limited (hereinafter referred to as the "net") part of the server hosting in Liuzhou Telecom has been suspended, resulting in some customer website access interrupt. This happens, we are very sorry for the customer, and the related practices in irresponsible and reckless netchina expressed regret.


network based on the principle of responsible customers, this will keep track of understanding and timely notification and communication with customers, we will give customers a clear answer, and through a variety of ways and channels will be the loss of the user control to a minimum.

Tel: 0772-2216188 contact: Mr.


September 27, 2008 around 9 broken network;

at 15:40 on September 27, 2008 or so, Ming network after multi-party negotiations, the network returned to normal;

for the situation before, Ming Network in the process of communication with the user to get the understanding and support of many users, we are very grateful, thank you.

Ming Network


around 15:55 on October 6, 2008, the network again interrupted. After understanding the issue related to "contract dispute" network and telecommunications. Ming Network ongoing tense negotiations.

Ming Network


according to the present situation, the network after careful consideration, in order to reduce the loss of customers, to avoid adverse effects due to the adverse factors of the recurrence of similar problems in the market caused, decided to suspend the operation of IDC business, and to the original customer for proper placement:

1, as soon as possible through the consultation for the user to extract, backup, transfer data (ongoing processing, specific notice to the user);

2, for the customer to terminate the service procedures (including settlement, refund, user transfer, etc.);

3, welcome other IDC operators to contact us, to assist and cooperate to resolve the transfer of the relevant issues; please send the intention to [email protected], thank you very much.

4, if there is further information, we will promptly notify the user;

5, please remember

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