YY’s alternative business usher in spring

YY’s alternative business usher in spring

introduction: foreign media reports today analyzes YY company’s unique business model. The article said that with the help of virtual products and unique music and games business, YY company’s performance growth spurt in a short period of time, not only attracted Temasek and tiger Global Fund and other well-known venture capital investment, stock prices also rose 50% in just a few months.

below is the full text of the article:

amateur performers "spring"

Ni Linlin’s "business" is absolutely unusual: try to persuade male fans to send her a teddy bear, necklace and blue roses. The 25 year old Qingdao girl is China entertainment website YY, DJ singer, her work condition is quite simple: a laptop computer, a 10 square meter room, but to give up to 2000 pink ribbon to the happy every day.

more than two years ago, Ni Linlin resigned from the office of the clerk’s work, all the thoughts are spent on the YY company, now the income is more than five times that year.

YY combines the characteristics of the famous American reality show "American Idol" and online performance club, the total number of users is now close to 500 million people, for amateur performers by playing games and charging fans, or separate from the virtual gift sales. It allows performers to dress exposed, vulgar jokes, but no pornographic content.

‘s share price has soared by 50% since it landed on NASDAQ in November, with Temasek and tiger global fund investing in YY.

Us Venture Capital Firm GGVCapital partner Jenny · (JennyLee), said: in the two or three tier cities and rural areas in China, people can only find pleasure in the Internet cafes." The company injected $17 million into YY.

iResearch predicts that by 2016, China’s online game market will grow from 43 billion 400 million yuan in 2011 to $84 billion 600 million (about $13 billion 600 million), nearly doubled in five years. Jenny · Lee said that YY is "capturing people’s desires".

business model unique

YY has about 70 million active users, they spent 52 hours per month on average in this platform, its rich experience and entertainment services, such as music and games. YY has 457 million registered user accounts.

in Hongkong Guoxin Securities analyst Eric · (EricQiu); Qiu pointed out that service with Tencent QQ voice and video interactive community of 9158 competitors is different, YY audio service of higher quality, more strict monitoring of the content. He said: "YY’s voice chat products are more stable, the voice does not have any delay, for any violation of the provisions of the user, usually stop their"

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