116 courier companies were canceled supervision still palliatives

116 courier companies were canceled supervision still palliatives

, sort of violence, reselling express provisions of the king…… A number of issues facing the media recently revealed that the State Post Bureau began to express industry revolution "storm". In December 31, 2012, the State Post Bureau announced the cancellation of the 116 courier business license, and issued a notice requiring the postal administrations for alleged violations of the express delivery companies, conduct interviews and dealt with according to law.

, the reporter found that in the cancellation of courier companies list, private courier tact, Shen Tong, Tong, rhyme and other companies under county level branch number. China Express Logistics Advisory Network Principal Consultant Xu Yong believes that only a small number of enterprises for serious violations and be clean out, regulatory measures still palliatives.

governance storm

at the end of 2012, domestic media reported the continuous delivery of chaos, caused by the state ministries concerned.

in December 31, 2012, the Ministry of transport minister Yang Chuantang chaired the executive will, through the "express market management approach (Trial draft)", "management measures" of the barbaric sorting, dispose without a mail behavior such as clear norms and legal responsibilities.

the same day, the State Post Bureau in December 31st issued a notice pointed out that according to the quality of service delivery to carry out special rectification activities, seriously investigate the express enterprise acts harm the legitimate interests of consumers, and courier companies during the Spring Festival normal Lanshou, express delivery.

Mixed mode

package for domestic private courier franchise branch are widely used, the State Post Bureau pointed out that "the unauthorized illegal business courier services, and beyond the scope of permission illegal behavior through the express delivery business to join, entrust, form of contract, should be severely punished according to law."

although the State Post Bureau announced the cancellation of the 116 courier business license, but Xu Yong analysis: "the cancellation of business license because most of the normal exit, including company name and location changes, merger of enterprises, their own initiative to withdraw from the market, the six consecutive month of business not be canceled qualification etc.. There is also a part of the courier companies closed down or join the branch where the business failures."

, only a handful of serious violations were canceled courier qualification." Xu Yong believes that for some of the alleged violations of the postal administration of express enterprises to conduct interviews and dealt with in accordance with the law, these constraints of limited means, to achieve the effect of punishment.

Prior to

, only in the express industry remediation storm in 2010 the State Postal Bureau, last 17 unlicensed business express business enterprises, is the most famous private courier companies in the city and county level branches.

postal sector regulation, or not refined to specific measures." Xu Yong believes that the State Post Bureau announced the cancellation of the list of courier companies, still focus on the conditions of access to courier companies, while the courier service quality supervision >

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