nternet cafes to promote local station a little idea

nternet cafes to promote local station a little idea

suddenly had a little place to do stand out and share ideas, I don’t know, someone thought not, people do not…
for early promotion to small local station, the printed name card to network. To those users, Internet users are love new things, someone sent a URL bar name card, printed above, very fresh. Should be able to log on to see, I think it would be interesting to remember your station, it depends on the content of your site can retain the guests.

400 hours =400 yuan -0 yuan (this depends on you and how to talk about the Internet bar boss)

now outside, no way to practice this, if there is a new place to do promotion of the brothers, used this method, hope to be able to tell me to what kind of effect, some other types of stations can also use this method. Comment on the line here, I will pay attention to, I hope not to comment on 0.

webmaster Network Welcome submission, the station will share with you.

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