Wang Tong marketing packaging design theory

Wang Tong marketing packaging design theory


this is my five years ago, an article, when I spent more than an hour to plan a set of "marketing packaging design theory", this article is now issued, is still very valuable.


I will not design

but I know how to design

a few months ago, when I was talking to a designer friend, in less than two hours, I was able to find a whole new set of ideas and a systematic theory.

the man engaged in the design of more than ten years, a variety of design awards did not take less, but personal development has been unable to break through the bottleneck. Every time I asked him what he was good at, he said packaging design, advertising planning, graphic design, marketing ideas, and so on, almost advertising companies and design companies to do the work, he will. I asked him if you were the best in the world, or the best in china.

so, I said to him, you have to find a unique position of their own, so easy to quickly rise. Like 10 years ago, although I have a lot of network marketing will be, but I have positioned the same as SEO. So, for the designer, how to locate him?

asked: what is the design for


answer: beauty!

yes! Although it’s from the artist’s point of view, the design is for the United states.

but to the commercial point of view, the design for marketing, in order to better sell the product.

beauty in the hearts of different people, different definitions, no fixed routines can be found.

but marketing does have a routine. So don’t design for design, design for marketing.

took the packaging design, my friend Hua Nan said a word, let me remember: a lot of books themselves can sell 200 thousand copies, but because of poor packaging design, the results can only sell 50 thousand copies.

In fact,

is not just a book, including the design of the packaging of many goods are the case, most of the design is based on imitation and pseudo innovation, rather than sales targets. Inspired by this, I put forward a concept: marketing packaging design.

core: designed for sale!

then, for customers to see, to buy, to repeat the purchase as the core, I quickly planned a new marketing package design concept.

first step: to attract attention

your goods, placed on the shelves, the first purpose of the design is to allow customers to see your goods at a glance. How to do it? You can do it in two ways:

1-1, color differentiation:


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