Exclusive perspective Analysis on the promotion strategy of The Place Hotel booking website

Exclusive perspective Analysis on the promotion strategy of The Place Hotel booking website

it is understood that in recent years, the rapid development of China’s tourism industry, tourism industry and the number of related sites is also growing. And in 2009 last year, the pace of development of China’s tourism industry website has not received the impact of the financial crisis is shrinking trend, according to the latest statistics in the well-known statistical data show that the number of taking it, China’s tourism industry reached 49264, an increase of 31.74% last year, becoming one of the fastest growing industry website. And it is the number of tourist sites in these years, but also to promote the development of the hotel website. The hotel reservation is gradually popular with its convenience, and more and more people choose to book online when they travel.

, however, in a large number of hotel booking sites, the vast majority of such sites are mostly local hotel booking sites, these sites are also for some small and medium business companies. Small and medium business companies, especially the characteristics of flexibility, but there are insufficient funds, the lack of operational experience and other aspects of the development dilemma. To this end, the author not only, the combination of these years in the Internet play Gunpa touch some of the experience, in this with the intentionally or is the webmaster friends share: business

is the beginning of the development of the site, the choice of a formal website production company, combined with their own characteristics, to design a clear natural site. Due to the The Place Hotel booking site generally small and medium business companies, most of the start of the network to promote little money. At this time we should learn to try to simplify the site, so that the site system is really practical, put aside some special effects.

is the initial stage of the development of the site, when the site construction run up, should be carried out on the site of the initial SEO construction, such as updating the article, increase the chain. Update the article is best to update the local tourism highway, as well as some of the local hotel experience, the article as far as possible original. You can hire writers to edit the text, also some related portal forums.

third, appropriate to do some publicity and promotion. When the development of the site after a period of accumulation of the initial period, to wait for the site has accumulated a certain customer base, can be properly considered in a number of travel forums, portals of tourism channel advertising.

fourth, now the hotel booking website search engine SEM promotion is close to saturation, such as Baidu! So for these do not have the financial strength to seek the development of friends in Baidu, can be appropriate to consider the switch to GOOGLE, or simply by the forum and word-of-mouth marketing promotion.

fifth, The Place Hotel reservation site in particular features of their own development, we should combine with local advantages, in fact, promotion is a big problem as everyone knows, and the common points of those truly successful people is to insist on. The author is not only the above five points to promote the program reported that we want to help.

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