Do not let millet hunger marketing starve too many people

Do not let millet hunger marketing starve too many people

is now the mobile phone market millet mobile phone has become another big emerging brands, millet through technical innovation and marketing mode change, in a few years of rapid "red flag" more and more "Rice noodles" began to focus on the success of millet millet mobile phone, said, no one lamented his marketing mode, millet the vertical electric marketing mode, during which saves the outlets and affect the logistics cost, at the same time, millet hunger marketing strategy for many consumers to follow the trend and tide of panic buying, is a wave, but with the continued hunger marketing millet, more and more consumers are tired of this kind of deceptive marketing mode, millet hunger marketing will be the final "to consumers, therefore, starve themselves to death, millet marketing transformation needs.

hunger marketing somersaults

recently, millet mobile phone by Taiwan regulators out of a 60 million NT ticket, this is millet hunger marketing consequences, hunger marketing as a consumer psychology, can be said to be the defect of human psychology, millet will be psychological defects of this consumer use of corporate marketing, it is a kind of innovation, but this type of marketing, should pay attention to the use of the object and the use of force, in the domestic market, consumers generally have this mentality, the hype by millet, to achieve the desired results, but, with the subsequent development of enterprises, enterprises can not always use the same kind of product marketing in sales in different periods, different regions of different marketing strategy is the key to winning, this millet punished event in Taiwan fully illustrated Millet hunger marketing is not always trump card, timely search for new marketing strategy is a new way out.

diversification of marketing

millet mobile phone itself is its own brand and product promotion to every consumer who, this location is bound to take the corresponding mobile phone products, marketing strategy, marketing strategy and innovation difference is always the key marketing, millet this vertical electric business model, the millet propaganda is just stay in business, but in the field of mobile Internet or application, the lack of publicity, the online publicity is not complete, resulting in millet is forced to use the hunger marketing "turns to carpet bombing" marketing, 58 media advertising alliance marketing director believes, should learn to focus on cooperation with millet the advertising alliance platform, and put into the hands of the business flow in the form of propaganda and moderate hunger marketing, this Kind is the basic means of the follow-up development of enterprise marketing.

millet hunger marketing through the rapid expansion into the external market in the expansion, is a challenge, but the old hunger marketing model should not be affected by the external market favor, millet should be more marketing strategies into combined with the actual area, blindly use hunger marketing hurt consumer psychological finally, will "starve" consumers "starve" themselves.

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