Do not understand the activities of the activities of the management is not good management operatio

Do not understand the activities of the activities of the management is not good management operatio

in many activities in the operation of dry cargo, we often see the "prize" ". Indeed, in the eyes of the operation, whether it is online or offline activities activities, prizes is a driving force. So, today, I want to talk about this matter.


for users, there is no prize activity is not a good activity. For operations, there is no prize activities can not do it. Prizes as a driving force for the success of a successful, well managed, not only can improve the participation of activities, but also improve the efficiency of operations.

so, how to do a good job to manage the prizes? Today I will be app event prizes, for example, the problem is described in detail.

what is the prize management

prizes management, that is, to track the change of the process through the log log, to provide a reference for the operation of the decision-making, reasonable allocation of prizes, and improve the life cycle management of prizes.

prizes management for many operations, it is a need to spend a lot of time and energy, it is necessary to do a special management for prizes

?What is the value of

prize management for app operations in

operations in peacetime to effectively manage the prizes, to improve operational efficiency and marketing efficiency, specific performance in the following areas:

1, timely understanding of the prize inventory

real-time understanding of dynamic stock prizes, including prizes management and reward dynamic monitoring. For example, some outstanding operations, whether or not to carry out activities in peacetime, will monitor the dynamics of the prizes to understand how much inventory, if the next time to do activities, these prizes enough.


(pictures from the event box prizes inventory management)

in addition, the dynamic monitoring of prizes can also effectively avoid problems in the management of prizes, improve operational efficiency and quality.

2, for users to select the prize

before I "App operation to build user interest model purpose: to let users seeking a" should be mentioned on the activity: in the Internet era of information overload, users of network information with a "nothing real, for it should be" attitude. In other words, the user is interested in something that will have the next action.

in the course of activities, prizes are not interested in the user has a direct impact on the activities of the participation rate. For example, your customers are blue collar workers, in your prize stock, respectively, there are telephone bills and traffic packages, you should do this time to consider the prize should be a call card. Because workers out of the house, you may often call home, the demand for calls than the greater demand for traffic.

prizes management

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