From the powder to seek praise point of praise behind the nternet marketing ideas change

From the powder to seek praise point of praise behind the nternet marketing ideas change

does not like friends do not know, really wonderful! You have no statistics, WeChat in their circle of friends every day will receive what you please help point like content? To a small picture, a large variety of tours, discount brand promotional activities, all kinds of "seeking points like content to let people friends shouted: world is wonderful, the circle of friends the world is very helpless…


point like praise – where exactly


first put forward the concept of point like guest, is a new media marketing agency in Xianning – Gobi media. The person in charge, and specifically on help people point like charge "praise spree", like customer refers to the forwarding information or activities to choose, by a certain number of friends seeking praise, get the corresponding rational group approval or welfare.

"from a few years ago with micro-blog for" powder ", to V, a variety of Reds discount information forwarding, users of this marketing tool has no technical content, and even began to exclude tired. As a more potential for the development of acquaintances marketing network – WeChat circle of friends should use a rational and innovative marketing tools to attract attention." Jin Yige said that the idea of a point like this concept, one called on users’ rational ‘set of praise’, followed by businesses to provide a new marketing ideas.

For example,

in the specific holiday or promotional activities of nodes, businesses can release elaborate on WeChat public account, to attract users to forward and praise, praise when reach a certain number, can be given in cash or in kind incentives. This will not only help purify the circle of friends environment, but also can make more targeted marketing, but also face the real visible physical or cash incentives, user participation will be higher, the way to product promotion, can serve win.


entertainment, entertainment is equally important

I will not be forwarding any activities, after all, circle of friends are acquaintances, chaos is not only offensive words, but also easy to pull black. Only novel interesting activities, or I am interested in the gift award, I will actively forward and ask a friend to help point praise." Miss Wang is an ordinary white-collar, she said they do part-time "praise" for two months, because the friend resource is relatively developed, the choice of forwarding content in novel, entertainment content mostly, so was "like" for her is not difficult. She has thus become the focus of attention of many businesses, each encounter promotional activities, the brand side will be given priority to inform her forwarding set praise.

Jin Yige also talked about, like off bridge between businesses and potential consumer groups, this kind of people have developed the interpersonal network, through acquaintances effect, bring a wide range of "chain forwarding" effect in a short period of time, so as to achieve the purpose of brand promotion. Of course, the business itself should also optimize the content of innovation activities, intentions to please users at the same time, their ability to reap economic benefits.


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