A round of financing tens of millions of dollars to help the Japanese Princess pea brand exports to

A round of financing tens of millions of dollars to help the Japanese Princess pea brand exports to

day before, "focused on cross-border electricity supplier Amoy Pea Princess" announced, which have been obtained by Ventech Capital (intime capital) lead investor, Tao Yun capital and a Japanese giant company to participate with the cast of millions of dollars A round of financing. The princess and the pea line on August 2015, before the deadline for downloads is about 800 thousand, the average daily activity was 35%.


long tail goods Vs explosion commodity

The princess and the pea

founder & CEO; Weng Biao to permanent entrepreneur said, the princess and the pea model as a cross-border Tmall, including proprietary and POP platform (including brand flagship stores and non official flagship store business two), mainly to do the import part of the explosion, go warehouse mode, the princess and the pea have bonded warehouse in Shanghai and Guangzhou; POP platform to do the long tail, Japan direct mail mode, small and medium-sized Japanese brand will be the goods sent to Tokyo by the princess and the pea pod, the princess and the pea to China.

At present, the domestic

platform for cross-border electricity supplier in pushing explosion models, and the fierce competition has explosion of goods to the negative margin, even lower than the local farm prices; and the long tail goods depends on the purchasing price, is the local farm purchasing price + cost + freight + tariff.

with Weng Yongbiao’s words, the explosion is the 1 mode, just like the tour with the group tour. Users to Tokyo, Osaka and other fixed city tourist attractions, travel to see the famous attractions, shopping to buy explosive goods.

and the long tail is the 2 model, like the personal freedom of travel. Users to find the unique attractions of a unique personal experience, shopping is the same, the huge potential of the long tail products.

overall, domestic electricity supplier Amoy is supposed to be from the 1 to the 2 upgrade, the cross-border electronic business platform to see the long tail, long tail to development, but do not know the specific development, to which category how to put their own fancy fried hot, how to ensure the long tail long tail goods shopping experience.

Weng Yongbiao believes that the long tail is small commodity brand unique to the princess and the pea, the price is the wholesale price + shipping + customs cooperation with the brand to get in, the retail price is not high, but also to ensure a certain margin.

according to the venture to understand, at present in the domestic comprehensive cross-border platform, the Japanese explosive goods generally about 2000SKU. Weng Yongbiao said that in addition to these more than 2 thousand SKU, Japan has a lot of goods worth buying. At present, the Pea Princess SKU is about 2500, because in the initial stage, so most of the goods are still blasting, this year will focus on the development of long tail goods, the end of the year will reach hundreds of thousands of SKU.

Weng Yongbiao also said that the explosion of the princess and the pea commodities have accounted for the decline, but the absolute value of the increase, will further force Shanghai and bonded warehouse in Guangzhou.


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