Talk about how to do well the network event marketing from happy net game

Talk about how to do well the network event marketing from happy net game

on network event marketing

in fact, on this issue, the author from the nurse pornographic door to see small and medium enterprises network event marketing has been mentioned in a text. The author believes that the University Professor, can be divided into two categories: first, the event of active manufacturing category, temporarily called the initiative of network event marketing. As the year of the lotus event, from scratch, living in the fry out of a so-called network reds. Two is the passive manufacturing event class, temporarily called the passive network event marketing. As many industry insiders love often squatting on the Baidu billboard charts like before, according to popular events making network events their marketing plan, is also called the direct this occasion to network marketing.

network marketing is actually a game

I believe that, in fact, in a sense, the network marketing is a game. From the planning of the game to the market operation of the game, is a network marketing plan from design to implementation of the process. So the author of the University Professor, the title of the Sina blog, directly to the network marketing is actually a game". In this paper, we take the game of stealing food and other games as an example. Soft Wen marketing will be discussed in the following article. As far as the game is concerned, it can often be viewed from the perspective of game system design, gameplay and interactivity.

The design of

game system — network event marketing content planning

games have their own system. Such as happy farm game player vegeteal, according to different levels of value and wealth, can be different things on the farm, can also steal friends steal food, honey, sold into the game currency. Then, with the increase of the grade and the increase of the wealth value, we can repeat the above steps. Like the hula hoop fashion community game, game player can according to different levels of wealth, value, buy different clothes decoration etc.. Like the journey of such traditional RPG online games, according to different circumstances Daguai, PK, etc.. The following are from the active event marketing and passive event marketing.

active network event marketing

content planning, the need for different stages of the event, the design of different plot content. But also according to the different development process, the design of different response plans. If the system design or plans to deal with the lack of consideration, is likely to be self defeating.

is said to have a hotel in Hongkong, planning the event marketing case, the estimation results are not expected by planning. Perhaps the content is that the urban environment is noisy, air quality and other aspects of bad, and a hotel to allow customers to enjoy peace and tranquility. The results drew discontent from peers, and even ordinary people. Think this is affecting the image of the city. Finally, the hotel management had to apologize. Interested friends can go online to understand the details.

passive network event marketing

this kind of event marketing, the development process of events is not controlled by us, in terms of content planning, the author believes that on the one hand

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