Your product suitable for what kind of marketing

Your product suitable for what kind of marketing

There are many kinds of

marketing way, but sometimes what marketing is more important than how to do so before marketing, make sure that you are in the stage, which is more suitable for what kind of marketing, and what kind of marketing is the most all-match and what kind of marketing will not be touched.

wants to fine turnover, to identify the user users under

good seeds

domestic free marketing more erosion, one is free to give free affiliated small items, such as concern micro signal to send a packet is two only to the handkerchief; probation, not limited free of reality, such as to send a monthly period. The former is called a big net, caught most of the products useless "small shrimp", which are often too big, but strength results are often not the first look so effective.

from the point of view of the precise user, the effect of the second looks worse than the first one, but for businesses, there are only second kinds of free to bring real users.

if the user will be trained into a seed user, which gives the free must also be the best products, to give a quality discount products is not wise.

good products, good prices are easy to call the attendance of

puerile, is a direction of marketing industry, but the price does not represent "best price" refers to the price in the industry in the field of the same price you provide quality of service, the price you have given or the same level of service conditions.

drops a taxi subsidy can lay almost ho national market in a few months, why not registered on the net loan platform brought hundreds of gold by subsidies win such a huge user? Is a subsidy is not enough, two is the net loan to a taxi with the people’s livelihood, the use of a low frequency with high frequency, one only to the first once registered under the subsidy, one for the subsidy per unit after a subsidy will induce greater liquidity, a subsidy almost zero cost…… The gap is too big.


drops the ability and luxury subsidies have to cultivate the habit of users first, not all products are suitable for this effect, but the product is good, the price and the advantage of "products in the industry for on forever.

brands for enterprises, for the timely assistance of

icing on the cake

"consumers do not buy products, is the feeling" for brand marketing, but also for start-ups. But, for the icing on the cake brand enterprises, start-ups only for timely assistance:

Feng Xiaogang shoot an ad: the film, the audience said, is the value of wine, we say, is the value of; Jin Jiannan, this wine value!

if you put Feng Xiaogang into a crowd is not familiar with the director, and then shoot the ad?

another wine advertising: a friend to good wine, iron on Mao.

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