Cross border electricity supplier training class 005 Shenzhen open sea cross border Amazon

Cross border electricity supplier training class 005 Shenzhen open sea cross border Amazon

004 based mierkat cross-border Amazon holds a class has ended!


based Amazon holds a class will be officially opened in July 9th


based Amazon holds a class of July 16-17 is hot application! Hurry up!

course highlights:

1, the system to learn the Amazon platform knowledge and skills

students will go through 2 days of time, learning system of 7 modules, 12 elements and 50 knowledge, master the knowledge and skills of the Amazon platform, including Amazon platform policy and characteristics, how to open an account, account of how to optimize, product selection, how to accounting for drainage and selection skills, let students "no ABC, can easily earn dollars".

2, including learning package, free training

a registration, free of charge within one year of training, learn so far.

3, to create social training

mierkat original "social training", focusing on "social export of cross-border electricity supplier training", in the dissemination of knowledge and practical methods of the Amazon platform at the same time, pay more attention to the social needs of students, realize the inside and outside the classroom exchanges, exchanges and trade cooperation.

part of the wonderful course arrangement:

1, Amazon account application and practical coping skills

2, Amazon account associated risks and avoidance methods

3, Amazon six modules

detailed background

4, Amazon FBA Xiangjie

5, the initial product Review accumulation skills sharing

6, how to share with the right to sell and grab gold shopping cart

7, Amazon station outside the station to promote marketing skills sharing

8, product development, stocking and other skills analysis

course information

start time: July 16th – 17 day

Venue: Shenzhen · Longhua

course fee: 2999 yuan / person

course benefits

1, enjoy preferential price of 2999 yuan;

2, students receive a free "mierkat salon Salon" coupon 1.

registration form

scan directly below the two-dimensional code, into the mall to buy.


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