How to do a good job in O2O marketing promotion

How to do a good job in O2O marketing promotion

a lot of this year, "network camp hall," the theme is how to do a good job in O2O marketing promotion. For the store, the Internet is a new world, but it is not easy to make money from the internet. To carry out network marketing many entities, but due to various reasons the effect is not very ideal, provides a new model O2O model for store development of electronic commerce, the key is how to help the store to customers from online to the next line? O2O model is how to do marketing promotion


host straw: Here we have invited today’s teacher, Liu Zijun teacher. Liu to focus on B2C e-commerce website planning, website operation and website promotion, personal good at precision marketing and enhance the conversion rate. Ran the electronic commerce website, mobile phone, digital clothing, jewelry, decorative building materials, Home Furnishing beauty, skin care products, snacks, fresh food and other industries, with the B2C electronic commerce website planning rich operating experience, we can use Baidu Search "Liu Zijun’s blog", or login Sina micro-blog @ micro-blog Liu Zijun exchange of questions. Please have a teacher to say hello.

Liu Zijun: Hello, everybody. I’m Liu Zijun.

moderator straw: today we are talking about the O2O model of marketing, e-commerce B2B, B2C, C2C, another development model. So what is the O2O mode?

Liu Zijun: many people think that O2O is actually O2O Online network group purchase, namely To Offline, entity and Internet services will be the next line sales together, so the Internet has become the front desk the next line transactions. Online services can be used online showmanship, consumers can use screening services online, and online transaction settlement. Now there are a lot of traditional businesses under the line has begun to achieve its own micro-blog marketing channels through O2O.

host by straw: the teacher explained, we know the meaning of O2O, it is the online users to pull down the line experience, so we know the Internet users on the area, this is not an area of the user how to experience this? O2O development mode is not a restricted area of


Liu Zijun: in fact, this is not a limit, but the advantage is to provide accurate regional services is the future trend.

moderator straw: O2O mode requires the line must have a physical store, unlike now the Internet companies and e-commerce companies are just building a warehouse, or even the warehouse can not do business on the internet. Teacher, this O2O model is suitable for all the entities under the line of business


Liu Zijun: all enterprises can not be separated from the promotion, especially the physical store, they are also the most distressed promotion, and now the Internet is undoubtedly the best promotion channels.

moderator straw: e-commerce to use O2O development model >

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