6 factors to improve the user experience of independent shop

6 factors to improve the user experience of independent shop

since Taobao mall opened, Taobao put more traffic into the Taobao mall, the original ordinary Taobao Street shop flow fell, shop owners can only be turned to business domain independent shop. Independent shop operators, the owners tend to put most of the energy on the site’s external marketing promotion, while ignoring the site itself to enhance the user experience, thus the loss of part of the turnover.

we say a shop transaction orders depends on two factors: the flow and conversion rate, if the online user experience is not high, the conversion rate is poor, more traffic in vain. So pay attention to enhance the user experience, focusing on the conversion rate of the order is also worthy of our attention.

so what is the user experience of the site the degree of user experience of the English expression for User Experience refers to the user access to the site of the interface, the function of the process to establish the psychological experience. Whether the user experience and feel the joy of the site in the process of feeling happy, whether to establish enough interest and trust in the site. And how to enhance the user’s favor to the shop, enhance the user experience, I think we should consider the following 6 elements.

1, site access speed

site access speed is the server response time and access bandwidth, if the user within 10 seconds to complete open the home page of the site, I am afraid is intolerable, so choose a good server is the premise of all shop business.

2, page UI design and system function

shop with color, layout and functional design should allow customers to simple, fast and enjoy the experience, in order to win the trust of customers. Beautiful atmosphere of the page, convenient and efficient order and order inquiry system, you can win more customers and orders.

3, rich products and full information description

many of the shop there is common, often commodity description is full, the user see the information does not solve the doubts in his heart for the authenticity of the goods, so hesitant to order.

4, a comprehensive customer interaction communication software

believes that now everyone will have their own instant messaging software, whether it is QQ, MSN, or Taobao Wangwang, the site should be as far as possible contains all means of communication, to facilitate customers to do real-time communication, the other 400 telephone, message board, E-Mail etc. are also indispensable.

5, a sound payment and delivery methods

customer refers to the security of payment for online trust large programs, if possible, as far as possible to cash on delivery service, at the same time covering the third party guarantee payment transactions, such as Alipay, caifutong, online banking online.

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