09 years online store is a start

09 years online store is a start

for 08 years, we’ve seen a lot of e-commerce companies have been successful, and they have been successful business models are not the same. For tens of millions of dollars in investment Jingdong mall is a typical super computing, inside of the types of goods to 10000 units; and also the reputation of the Vancl shirt, two digit number does not exceed the product category, brand is very small, but they both have achieved great success, but there are many similar examples be too numerous to enumerate.

from the successful example of the market can be seen, whether it is a multi brand multi category product management or single brand short line of online shopping mall, are able to attract enough attention to online shopping groups.

with the further expansion of the scale of online shopping market, single brand short product line of e-commerce has become the focus of attention of many enterprises and businesses. Compared with the integrated B2C online shopping mall http://s.www.faguangerjiguan.net, single brand, short product line B2C the most prominent advantages of e-commerce business is single product profit rate is high, supply chain management and inventory management, quality control of relatively small pressure is low, the liquidity pressure is small, operation difficulty is low, small and medium sized enterprises or large enterprise the best selection of starting business mode of B2C electronic commerce.

in view of a single brand, short product line of business ideas, as a guide to the online store store version of the system must have the following features:

1, enhanced product variant selection function;

color, size and product specification options is an important factor for customer care in the purchase of branded products, ProBIZ online store system store version to do to strengthen in product specifications and varieties, the products with the products on display page display form also refer to foreign mainstream brand mall was perfect, making the brand products display and purchase more humane.

2, enhanced product sales mix function;

brand consumer culture has a profound impact on consumer behavior. Just the right mix of goods can be recommended to promote the sales of related products, but also to enhance the consumer experience. ProBIZ Merchant One online store system store version enhanced sales mix recommendation function can well achieve this point.

3, with the product line style and different product categories corresponding personalized shelf design;

in a brand series, a part of the business has a variety of styles in the main brand clothing, another part of the business will have for men and women, boys and girls are, in order to better reflect the product positioning and feature, whether for different categories of products and products with personalized channel content page design? ProBIZ Merchant One online store system store version can satisfy the functional requirements. For different product categories, different product categories can be defined as unique

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