Know almost confirm C round of financing 55 million Tencent Sogou investment

Know almost confirm C round of financing 55 million Tencent Sogou investment

know almost week source

Phoenix Science and technology news November 5th news, know about the founder of the source today in almost know the platform has been confirmed to complete the $55 million C round of financing, Tencent and Sogou investment, and said the future will cooperate with sogou.

week source mentioned that almost just completed a $55 million C round of financing, the new investor is Tencent and Sogou, Tencent lead investment. Before the investor Saif, Qiming venture and innovation workshops are carried out with the cast in the round. Round of financing from the capital as a financial advisor. He said, chose the Tencent and Sogou, because I believe Pony and Ogawa to understand and care knowledge on the product itself, in the sincerity and comprehensive strength, Tencent and investors are very good. "I believe that the people who stand together with us, and discover the greater world with us, are those who understand and care for a long time. So, we will certainly be the next and new partners to expand the product cooperation, this can be."

in addition to how to spend money on the issue, said Zhou source is not a specific reply, and everything depends on the product to speak.

then not long after the answer, Tencent side also said that the confirmation:

I am the head of the investment in the Tencent, we are very pleased to be involved as the leading investors know the current round of financing.

know the community has long been a large number of high quality content and users, is a very unique and valuable Chinese Internet products. Zhou source and his team over the past few years to prove their patience and control of the content, we believe that such a team will continue to provide users with more value.

Tencent in the power of the product, always with an open mind, respect every enterprise invested in the unique value and the beginning of the heart. In the whole process of communication and know, we talk about the most, is always the product.

thank you for your attention, I hope to know better."

on known almost to obtain financing issue, there have been rumors that Sogou and know almost cooperation will do knowledge search, or benchmarking Baidu know. There are rumors that it will expand, said Baidu or will acquire almost know.

through a reporter at the same time get to know almost and Sogou invitation and know almost the response, the basic sure know almost, Sogou cooperation rumors true. As for the two will be how to cooperate, can only wait until this Sunday’s conference announced. (Yang Xu)

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