Groupon China executives leave or confusion associated with recruitment

Groupon China executives leave or confusion associated with recruitment

Groupon Chinese executive turnover strange

– focus – reporter Zhang Fan


does not conclusively determine Ren Xin resignation reason, however, during the Spring Festival just passed by, group purchase site originator of the Groupon get the domestic group purchase websites were confused in mind, or dance for joy at the news.

also said that three months to recruit up to 3000 people, and even their executives have run, a marketing director of the group buying site, told reporters.

previously, Ren Xin served as vice president of Groupon China market, in January 26th, shortly after he took office in micro-blog, said that because of some personal reasons, decided to consider other opportunities.

"Groupon to China market not Czech first loss of a member of the generals, Ren Xin’s resignation on the not good news," the U.S. mission network CEO Wang told reporters.

in January this year, Groupon plans to recruit 3000 people in China paid internal mail exposure, the industry caused a great disturbance. Groupon expansion of the "unspoken rule" will be disclosed: the acquisition of local companies and teams, paying people to dig up market prices. Innovation workshop CEO Li Kaifu broke the news on micro-blog, Groupon in Europe to double the salary from the opponent to grab people, after winning a large number of layoffs."

analysts have said that the departure of any Xin Groupon recruitment confusion related to china. The reporter interviewed related group purchase website official declined to comment.

Ren Xin’s English name is Mars, it should be said that he is a network marketing from the e-commerce industry. He was responsible for the Chinese Newegg network marketing and site management in Shanghai, then went to Losangeles to join the United States – (US second pure online retailers) group strategy office, responsible for the formulation and implementation of data-driven marketing strategy. A few months ago, he left the group back to China Newegg, Groupon into China to start a large-scale recruitment at the entry of Groupon China, responsible for the affairs of Marketing.

Ren Xin studied in computer science and technology, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, graduated in July 2005, during which he served as president of the school computer association, and won the school debate champion.

Ren Xin did not disclose their future whereabouts. However, if in accordance with the previous domestic group purchase website a boycott of Groupon into China Alliance "refused to hire Groupon full-time part-time experience candidates", he is the most impossible one joined the domestic group purchase website.

but perhaps because of his "act", this rule does not apply.

Ren Xin left although it will not stop the pace of Groupon, but its momentum seems to converge. In February 10th, Groupon said it would set up a joint venture in the form of a rapid opening in the Chinese market

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