Cross border electricity supplier is how to form a hot situation

Cross border electricity supplier is how to form a hot situation

our circle of friends often will be purchasing advertising scraper, like being a world product exchange. South Korea’s Hera air cushion BB cream, this product does not know how many Chinese women conquered; Japan’s white lovers, girlfriends like the most; Swisse, a household health care brand in australia. Under the background of globalization, the Internet makes our homes will be able to buy the most popular in the world.

in contrast to foreign countries, in fact, foreigners also sea Amoy Chinese goods. Low labor costs in the United States, making a $100 skirt in the U.S. market, as long as the domestic $50, a huge difference directly led to Chinese exporters to sell Chinese products through the internet. Alibaba’s fast selling through Russia has become the mainstream shopping site.


stand in a global perspective, cross-border electricity providers are brewing a huge worldwide consumption change. Next, I would like to come from the media, capital, government and enterprise four aspects of cross-border electricity supplier is to reveal how the hot situation.

one, the media coverage of cross-border electricity supplier active

before 2014, we may not know the term cross-border electricity supplier, cross-border electricity supplier Baidu media index is almost zero. But as if overnight, a large number of cross-border electricity supplier companies have sprung up, the media began to report, Baidu media index soared. Now when we are in the Baidu input "scouring the sea" and "sea purchase" and other words, not only can be found a lot of media reports, the NetEase will also appear as koala sea purchase, honey Amoy net, red book, SF sea purchase, oh sea purchase and other cross-border electronic business platform. Cross border electricity supplier industry is no longer a little-known state.


media has always been in the forefront of a group of people, very sensitive to new things, cross-border electricity supplier’s hot and they have a certain link. Some of the media themselves do cross-border electricity supplier, which is the most famous NetEase. January 2015, the portal giant NetEase launched koala sea purchase, CEO Ding Lei personally endorsement said, do things with an attitude, a man with conscience, whether it is news, e-mail, or electricity supplier, are the same". Ah, the founding team of sea purchase a lot of media Master, they said: "the good platform can be their own advantages to go out and be known to consumers with media influence and spread of power, reasonable use of media resources can be greatly exert the value of the product itself." The media cross-border electricity supplier, electricity supplier leveraging media, think it is quite interesting. Cross border electricity supplier fiery situation is evident.

two, the capital of cross-border electricity supplier hot pursuit

in addition to the media, the capital is also extremely sensitive to market development. As early as ten years ago, the export of cross-border electricity supplier began to develop rapidly. China first truly cross-border business platform of Dunhuang network, since the 2005 line has accumulated KPCB China.

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