Taobao Jingdong giants such as electricity providers started selling intelligent hardware Amazon re

Taobao Jingdong giants such as electricity providers started selling intelligent hardware Amazon re

Chinese entered the eleventh year, ranked the world’s top electricity supplier for many years, the market value of up to $180 billion but frustrated in the competition Chinese local electricity supplier war in the store, finally see the dawn.

sea Amoy rise, is a rare opportunity in china. Along with the cross-border electricity supplier overseas purchase platform started, Amazon finally be able to use powerful resources overseas — let users buy China Chinese to buy things.

not long ago, during the black Friday, Amazon’s official website of China on a new column – "Launchpad" (Amazon). The same is to sell products, this column in addition to the purchase of a larger area of the product image, video, it also includes the introduction of the brand and the company as well as the team, and even the product creative ideas QA. If you do not look carefully, may think that by a crowdfunding website.


from the cool magnetic Bluetooth audio to integrate neural technology from emotional thermostat, BB8 star to stay adorable robot with intelligent play the keyboard from the startup of new cool stuff on the store.

venture companies do overseas channels, which may be a new channel

this project actually originated in July last year, the United States Amazon, has now landed in two countries in China and the United Kingdom, the line from the country in the world, nearly more than 250 start-up companies more than 1300 pieces of products. Let the invention of flying around the world is the project’s slogen, Amazon hopes to use this project to cut into the fiery entrepreneurial field, providing global promotion resources and sales channels for start-up companies.

over the past few years, the public to raise the platform and venture capital to solve the problem of start-up companies will be transformed into a creative product, but how to find consumers is still the biggest challenge for start-up companies. One of the reasons is because the new product has market risk, the partners will usually be relatively cautious, they prefer mature public products, and if the company self built sales channels, not only to face the problem of the traffic flow and logistics challenges.

this is the advantage of the Amazon amazon. Venture companies can pay more attention to the innovation and development of the product itself, Amazon can help them complete the rest of the work, including promotion, distribution, delivery, after-sales, etc.. For Amazon, a startup company and cooperation is not put on Amazon to sell such a simple thing, is actually a deeper and comprehensive strategic partnership, helping them to provide venture capital from the initial to final product sales." Amazon global innovation director Jason Feldman said, inventor is one of the projects carried out in this sector.


Kickstarter and other public platform

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