Electricity supplier C2C a year without tax hundreds of billions of tax brewing tax policy

Electricity supplier C2C a year without tax hundreds of billions of tax brewing tax policy

Economic Information Daily reporters learned from multiple sources, the State Administration of taxation is intensive research, and set up a special task force to study the effective tax collection and management of e-commerce policy. At present, many enterprises in our country gradually in the north, East, southwest, Southern China and other areas of implementation of electronic invoices, and is expected to 2015 nationwide promotion, the establishment of tax collection system and supporting electronic commerce business registration.

in jointly promote the tax department and the business enterprise, as the electricity supplier taxed starting point, the use of electronic invoices gradually expanding. Jingdong has opened about 20 million electronic invoices, mainly in North China, East China, southwest of the implementation of the use of electronic invoices in Southern China will also be on the line in August this year. Millet, Yi Xun, Oriental Shopping, shop No. 1, and so on a number of electricity providers have also used the online invoice. However, the current electronic invoices can only be used in the region, not across the country to promote the use of regional.

countries have now launched a comprehensive pilot electronic invoices and electronic accounting records, electronic invoices may be reimbursed for the public, and successfully reimbursement electronically recorded. At present, the electronic industry and Commerce and electronic tax pilot work are moving forward, Shenzhen has implemented a pilot electronic business, business registration does not need paper business license, one day will be able to do business license." Jingdong group vice president Cai Lei accept the economic reference news "interview with reporters, said:" the relevant departments according to the pilot need to amend the corresponding accounting, invoice management, electronic Invoicing procedures, and then comprehensive promotion of electronic invoices may be reimbursed."

electronic invoices to implement electronic management, the collection of difficulty and workload is actually reduced, the tax department can achieve real-time supervision." Cai Lei said: "the supplier to sell a product, the electronic invoice issued upon completion of the transaction, all data will be back to the tax authorities, tax administration system can receive the information background."

Chinese Electronic Commerce Research Center data show that in 2013 the U.S. online retail sales amounted to $262 billion, China has surpassed the United States to become the world’s largest online trading market. 2013, China’s online shopping users reached 302 million people, an increase of 24.7%; China’s e-commerce transactions exceeded $10 trillion, an increase of 26.8%. Among them, the online retail market turnover of more than 1 trillion and 850 billion yuan, an increase of 41.2%, accounting for the proportion of total retail sales of social consumer goods reached $7.8%.

Cai Lei said, because many C2C individual shop no registration, no store management, data management, electronic payments, a wide distribution area, to tax, business and other entities "and" territoriality of the regulators work to bring great challenges. Electronic invoices can effectively promote the electricity supplier tax collection. Can regulate electricity supplier transactions, but also to provide an objective basis for regulation and taxation, thereby promoting the long-term development of e-commerce norms. In fact, the State Administration of Taxation, the State Administration for Industry and commerce, Ministry of Commerce, foreign exchange administration, the General Administration of customs, etc.

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