Online transfer benefits

Online transfer benefits

see the title is not that I am in advertising? Ha ha, wrong, I would like to use my personal example to tell those hesitant C shop owners, how to choose.

I used to be a Taobao C shop owner, surrounded by a lot of friends in Taobao shop, so I also shop with them to sell things. Speak frankly, I did a Taobao shop to earn some money, but the money behind it, there are many problems and contradictions.

said the time to bring me the contradiction, I believe many shopkeepers have encountered such a problem. When I shop, certainly do not waste your time, because the business is small; in the shop after a period of time, with your business gradually increase your online time more, then a series of problems to the family. If you are single, you have no time to fall in love, this is true? I’m married people, but more problems, first of all have no time to accompany the family, even a meal out of the time you think of luxury; secondly, no time to take the wife to travel, my wife used to say I don’t wave there are a lot of things over trifles; do the housework, such as washing dishes and other things, anyway is the head that make things a lot, how a word……

let’s talk about the health problems, from doing Taobao to now, my physical condition is not as good as one day. For example, it can do more than and 100 push ups, now will be a 30 is tired; eight pack stomach had been condensed into a mass; the relationship between husband and wife are not harmonious, these you know……

there are a lot of things I do not list, because so much discord, so I intend to sell the shop. However, at present, Taobao does not support the C store transactions, but a lot of friends told me that it is possible to transfer the right to use the store to achieve the store’s trading.

I posted on the city of 58 and sent a number of sites, such as posting that he would like to sell, but I do not have to contact an intermediary. Finally, only to their own shop to several online agency, let them help me sell. You can not say that the intermediary efficiency can be really fast, a company called A5 online trading platform (, less than 1 days to find me a buyer, and can be traded at any time. I want to give some intermediary fees to the point of it, the shop is to sell as soon as possible. A few days later, we completed the transaction. Later A5 shop trading platform said that because when I shop is to catch up with their activities in 2014, according to the transaction amount sent me a Ipad mini, which makes me feel very surprised, did I from Taobao after the good life from now on

?After the

shop to sell, I intend to take a rest, good to spend time with his wife and children, this is not, during the Spring Festival with the wife and children went to Sanya, to their own good holidays, but also to feel the warmth of home.

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