Southern China City cross border electricity supplier product matchmaking third hi burst the audie

Southern China City cross border electricity supplier product matchmaking third hi burst the audie

October 18th, Shenzhen coincides with typhoon, a cross-border electricity supplier as the theme of the product matchmaking and not because the typhoon stop, but was outside the rain and foil more popular. The docking will be sponsored by the South China e-commerce Industrial Park, supply and marketing display products involving LED lamps, DV sport accessories such as apple, Amazon and other platforms currently hot explosion models, the whole activity achieved unexpected good results, for both sides were satisfied with the harvest.


fine and the United States, the biggest feature of the cost field docking


for mining matchmaking for buyers and suppliers both demand for directional matching, strictly limit admission qualification and the number of the first, strictly limit the supply and marketing of product category, in order to supply the "precision" of second, must pass the qualification check and quality control, in order to supply the "selection" third, must be the explosion of products, in order to supply the "essence" of. According to the site of a well-known cross-border procurement official, they have several suppliers and reached a preliminary cooperation intention: "this matchmaking form, both matching degree is very high, we talk about efficiency is very high. Find a good product in the city of Southern China will be able, for our enterprises not only saves the labor cost saving time and cost." According to incomplete statistics after the meeting, the order will reach more than 80% of the order, to achieve fine and beautiful, precise matching.


Park cross-border electricity supplier companies on behalf of the scene to share the big sellers demand

Southern China city

as everyone knows, the cross-border electricity supplier Industrial Park gathered, especially in a tree, through the extension, LDK, overgreat and other cross-border electronic business leaders as representatives. "To find a good product" is always one of the difficulties in the field of cross-border electricity supplier, for mining matchmaking, through the extension senior procurement share theme "big sellers need what kind of suppliers" attracted the attention of many suppliers on site. Through this sharing, so that the presence of suppliers to understand the real needs of the seller and the future of the procurement plan, the supplier of future product planning how to match the needs of the seller has a substantial role in guiding.


is desperate to "new goods, goods, goods, goods, the characteristics of tide tip goods, specialty goods" period in the electricity supplier sellers, the city of Southern China to set up a platform for both sides to promote mining effectively, the bridge of cooperation, connecting the circulation channels, to supply more professional, more efficient procurement. This matchmaking ended means Southern China city for mining matchmaking activities in the form of more and more mature, through these activities experience, Southern China City Industrial Park summed up the system planning and promotion, and the mining for docking mode brand, scale, specialization, further businesses to provide more efficient service quality.

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